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Tribeca penthouse loft seller takes 30% off to sell

two half-million dollar price drops get it done The owner of the “2,015 sq ft” loft #10D at 25 Murray Street (Tribeca Space) that sold on October 16 had a rather optimistic but decidedly disciplined approach to pricing this duplex

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hints for reading Manhattan real estate market reports

spoiler alert: don’t take them literally If you are a fan of the Miller Samuel reports about the Manhattan residential real estate market produced for Douglas Elliman, you know that in the last quarter of 2017 there were 2,514 closed

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the scandal in the quarterly report data on Manhattan residential real estate sales

hiding in plain sightTwo quick take-aways from the first stories about the major firm quarterly market reports on Manhattan residential real estate sales that are in the papers this morning, this one from the Vivian Toy piece on page A24

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Manhattan loft market mirrors overall market (boring!), except (slightly) outperforms on inventory

data is dumped, for nowAs is my custom following the quarterly reports, the two tables below break out the (limited) loft-specific data from the three major firms that do quarterly market reports for Manhattan residential real estate and then provide

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fourth quarter Manhattan residential market reports hit / what's your favorite number?

that time of the year againIt would have been too much to expect that the number crunchers could have dug out soon enough to have delivered numbers to the press under embargo last Friday (aka, last year), so the flurry

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is the 2010 strength in Manhattan loft sales odd, or even notable in a Lake Wobegon sense?

absolutely: maybeI’ve been staring at the quarterly Manhattan loft market data in various metrics …. Blame it on The Miller (for giving me the numbers); blame it on Diane Ramirez (for calling the bottom); blame it on the Red Sox

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Manhattan loft market outperforms in volume (big) + absorption

nice (rare) consensus among firms!Yesterday I beat up a little bit on Vivian Toy’s traditionally formatted New York Times article about the 4 major quarterly Manhattan real estate market reports for the Third Quarter and a bit more on the

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why the race to (call) the bottom? third quarter Manhattan real estate market reports hit

a rainy day also rains numbersI am pretty sure I am in the minority about this, but I believe that major players in the Real Estate Industrial Complex in Manhattan are missing a shift in how consumers want information processed

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how did lofts do last quarter compared to overall Manhattan real estate market?

a focus on the data from the Second QuarterAs is my wont, my first posts about the major firm reports from the Second Quarter and Manhattan real estate were about the drama of the reporting, this quarter ‘enlivened’ by the

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for real: Second Quarter Manhattan real estate market report numbers out

that didn’t take longWhen I blogged this week about actual research done by the Wall Street Journal from city data about coop and condo sales in Manhattan (June 28, first Second Quarter Manhattan real estate market report numbers out), I

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