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another day (another year), another Manhattan Loft Guy milestone

didn’t we just do this?I will have to wrestle with my social media conscience (oxymoron?) to see if I will beg for ReTweets from the Twitterverse, as I did for my March 7, just another wordy day for a wordy

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2 years to contract for 139 Spring Street artist's loft

one birthday is bad enough…It is a little unfair of me to say it took two years for the recently sold “2,522 sq ft” Manhattan loft #3B at 139 Spring Street find a contract, even though the loft was brought

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395 Broadway loft sells at $1,174/ft, a relative bargain to a gut job

is there a gut premium?The “1,163 sq ft*” Manhattan loft #11A at 395 Broadway just sold in mint-y condition at $1.365mm, or $1,174/ft, in the northeast corner of Tribeca. That compares very favorably to the last “A” line sale here,

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late to the diversion / birthday edition

let’s do thisIt has been a busy day, so I am late to getting a Sunday diversion up on the blog. Last year I did the obvious (linked to the Gettysburg Address). Remarkably, the Second Inaugural Address, delivered on March

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holiday diversion / his birthday was yesterday

but his Day is todayLast year on the holiday I linked to the I Have A Dream speech from the Washington Mall, with text and video; I also linked to that text on the sad 40th anniversary of his assassination,

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4 prices, 12 months to contract for loft at 315 West 36 Street

contract = best birthday present everThe “1,306 sq ft” Manhattan loft #14B at 315 West 36 Street came to market on October 19 and found a contract by October 14. Since you should assume that I type such dates carefully,

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Diamond Duane mini-loft sells above 2008 after adding space(!)

you don’t see that every dayThe Manhattan loft #4C at 137 Duane Street that just sold for $949,000 was marketed with a floor plan that was billed as “approximately 825 square feet” (bless that babbled modifier!), but when it was

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100 days later, do not visit tomorrow

a streak that deserves to be brokenA housekeeping note for fans: do not come here looking for a new post tomorrow. I am taking the day off for Easter and the birthday of my Manhattan loft gal. There’s a nice

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Saturday diversion / 1980s music + 2011 bipartisanship edition

now try to get it out of your head!It has been a few weeks since the last Manhattan Loft Guy weekend diversion, perhaps because there are so many lofts, and so little time. I wonder if my brother whose birthday

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cake, candles & balloons, as Manhattan Loft Guy is 5 today

personally, I will have a beer (or 2) (later)I can’t be the only one parent who has consistently been surprised when a child reaches another birthday, which was as true for me with a 28-year-old as it was when I

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