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how to read past sale data / one Flatiron loft laboratory

hint: comping is hardThere’s a fascinating discussion thread going on over at StreetEasy, started by a potential buyer who said “I’m beyon[d] confused with pricing” and then asked that community for advice about bidding on a specific loft in Flatiron.

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bank error in your favor, collect $200 [$17,000] / the new Good Faith Estimate for mortgages

one happy surprise at closing (for buyer)Let’s go into the weeds a bit, into the minutia of mortgage lending, a trip occasioned by a note I received from a Manhattan mortgage broker about a client whose lender had to pay

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paralyzed by history? another buyer dilemma

information overload?I am working with a motivated, smart and analytic buyer who wants to know as much as possible about one particular Manhattan loft and its competitors before making a bid. This current experience points up an issue with smart

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not lofty enough in Manhattan, smiling at Manhattan from DUMBO

poignant search profiled in NY Times“Poignant” must be in the eyes of the beholder … as in whose buttons are being pushed. Today’s Joyce Cohen The Hunt feature in the NY Times pushed my buttons, very well. Starting a New

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a reader writes / how to keep on top of buying opportunities in a specific building

great questionI had an off-line email dialogue with a reader of this blog the other day, who really wants to be able to buy in one particular building, and who asked this question. I like the building,I saw a great

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recycling week / buyers running the emotional mine field with little external help

  (I am still in France; you are still in Manhattan Loft Guy’s week of recycling.)   I addressed the mental gymnastics that buyers can go through in the March 31 buyer’s tango for one: buy it, but without overpaying.

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recycling week / my favorite post to date on Jagger, MICs and imperfect lofts

  (I am still in France; you are still in Manhattan Loft Guy’s week of recycling.)   One of these days I may edit my March 15 post Jagger’s Law of Imperfect Lofts / life is compromise (sigh) because it

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identity theft, anyone? / what really happens to confidential purchase applications?

  why are 6 copies of my tax returns in the trash at my new building? One of yesterday’s Real Estate Q + As In the NY Times (How Confidential Are Applications?) deals with one of those dirty little secrets

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NYT on Condo Rules

  hysteria sells old grey newspapers? The NY Times piece yesterday about a trend in which some Manhattan condominium boards behave like coop boards (Condo Boards Tighten the Rules) is an unfortunate load of fluff on its most essential point.

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  what’s The Market Price if you set the market? The dialogue with Larry this week in

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