Month: February 2011

O’Neill loft seller finally gives up, yet sells above ask at 655 Sixth Avenue

bizarre is in the eye of the beholderI don’t think that the most unusual thing about the sale of the Manhattan loft #2M at 655 Sixth Avenue (The O’Neill Building) is the synchronicity in that it sold on February 17

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Greene Street block as a lab for … global economic development??

yupI don’t want to leave the impression that I regularly peruse economics blogs about global development issues, but I did come across this February 22 small blog post by an econ prof with NYU’s Development Research Institute that focused on

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108 Wooster Street lofts clears at $826/ft, pines for The Peak

those were the daysWhen the Manhattan loft #2D at 108 Wooster Street sold on February 3 for $980,000, that clearing price was a discount of 18% off the asking price, not to mention 22% down from peak pricing in this

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NY Post “Just Sold” loft at 7 Worth Street was a Manhattan Loft Guy hit on December 21

anybody read The Post?Yesterday’s typical “Just sold!” Thursday feature in the Real Estate section of the New York Post (a feature with this promising sub-head: “The latest info about recent sales — in your back yard and beyond”) included a

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return of the gut renovation buyer / 222 Park Avenue South edition

was she ever away?I wonder if the run of recent Manhattan loft sales that I have noticed of lofts in need of a complete build-out is an actual sign of Something Happening In The Market, or if it just random

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renovated 395 Broadway loft is jealous of primitive top floor + of 505 Greenwich Street loft

envy is bad for the soulWhen the Manhattan loft #5E at 395 Broadway sold on January 28 at $1.15mm ($945/ft), it was said to be “completely” renovated (unlike #15A, the gut job with glorious light, which sold on December 23

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#1 is 279 today (well, would be)

happy birthday, Dad!George Washington was born on February 22, 1732 (d. Dec 14, 1799). Unless you are over-tired from commemorating Presidents yesterday, take a second to consider The First on his birthday. Many thanks, old man. © Sandy Mattingly 2011

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505 Greenwich Street loft wonders “what slump?” after closing up 61% since 2004

not pushing a good thing too farRumor has it that the overall Manhattan residential real estate sales market has been … (how to put it?) … up and down over the last few years. Looking specifically at one 2004 new

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73 Worth Street penthouse loft has a baffling price history

how bad was the 2009 market?Sometimes when you look at sales history you can hear somebody being ground up in the gears of The Market, remorseless monster that it can be. Use a Rod Serling interior voice and consider, if

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Sunday diversion / 'Goodnight Moon' deconstructed for fun (I hope)

hushI can’t find my copy this morning. Is it clear the bunny is a “he”? The deconstruction is here. The ever-fascinating Wiki has some more bits of cultural significance or effluvia. What would McSweeney’s make of the altered author’s photo?

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