Month: January 2007

Manhattan Loft Guy looks back at Manhattan Loft Guy, sees 2006

  Since it is still January as I write this I can (just barely) take up the suggestion of Maureen McCabe, my Ohio blogging buddy (Discover Columbus nee Columbus Best Blog) and look back at my blogging year 2006 –

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not quite a return to the white box offering / 161 Hudson loft owner will build-to-suit

  how many would buy what they can’t see? There was a time when many Manhattan loft buyers had the time, patience, resources and expertise to buy raw, primitive, blank or “white” space to turn them into something personal that

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un-neighborly neighbors / the dynamics of dysfunction

  how do you solve a problem like Allan? When I was president of a small Manhattan loft coop, we used to joke about having ‘the rule of one’ – as in trying to maintain a shareholder population with no

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nothing says

  $1.75mm to $1.65mm to $1.499mm in 8 weeks I am not privy to the internal owner-agent discussions for the 2d floor loft at 36 West 15 Street, of course, but they must have been fascinating.   when is a

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Counter-intuitive Sales 101 / head-scratching price change as 12 W 17 strays further north

  if at first it doesn’t sell, raise the price! Last month I posted about three interesting lofts on the same block of West 17 Street off Fifth, priced under $3mm (selling West 17th St / 3 very different lofts

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NY Times on Seller Stress Syndrome

  how hard is it to stay ‘show ready’ for months? There was a big article in Sunday’s NY Times Real Estate section (The Home That You Can’t Call Your Own) that dealt with the stresses that sellers live under

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more price pain on 16 St /if you knew then what you know now

  4 W 16 St #8A drops a serious dollar I blogged about #8A at 4 West 16th St after a September price drop (puzzling price policy / slow death near Union Square) that turned out to be too little.

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IRS rules for coops

  what does happen if a “coop” has too much income? I did a post in early December about pricing at 55 Greene St that got picked up on (On the Proper Pricing of Manhattan Apartments) along with a

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please don

  Angry Agent attacks author with animation and ardor, but no ammunition I picked up the phone one day last year to catch an earful from an Angry Agent. After the (anonymous, here) AA identified him or herself, I barely

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REBNY portal pot still perking / bad plan or just bad communications?

  REBNY play defense in communicating with members about the portal They did not do it because I blogged about the “public web portal” but it so happens that REBNY circulated a memo to its residential division members soon after

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