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Taylor Swift doesn’t care about your “Market Rules”

Citizen-journalism gets to the bottom of a Tribeca loft mystery I had a fun weekend diversion, prompted by a question from Tribeca Citizen (the essential Tribeca blog) about someone who seems to have significantly overpaid for a loft at 155

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more on the $5 million Manhattan loft market, a year over year look

difficulty at the $5 million level is not a new phenomenon for Manhattan lofts My post on Tuesday considered whether the December string of downtown Manhattan lofts that took a long time to sell around $5 million that I noticed

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NY Times finds a Broadway chanteuse who loves her Tribeca loft

things Manhattan Loft Guy loves … include loft lovers When the New York Times real estate feature “What I Love” works for me, it stars a celebrity who talks about her home (OK, her loft) and not just her stuff.

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155 Franklin Street loft sells in a reverse flip (viewer discretion is advised)

sometimes real estate doesn’t work out (or was it Life that didn’t work out?) [major updates at bottom] No matter what your interest is in the Manhattan residential real estate market, what happened to the recent sellers of the “3,532

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Tribeca loft sale at $432/ft shows 7-figure discount for rent stabilized tenant

investing in occupied Manhattan lofts is not for the faint of heart The recent sale of the  “1,875 sq ft” Manhattan loft on the 4th floor at 158 Franklin Street was arm’s length, after being publicly marketed. (It came out

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90 Franklin Street loft history more like a moving picture than a market snapshot

  1 loft, 13 years of activity and inactivity If you wanted a Big Picture review of the overall Manhattan residential real estate market over a bunch of market cycles, you’d do well to play with The Miller’s latest 3

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95 Franklin Street loft sells with new space (not just newly renovated space)

  the mezz makes the man, er, loft One of the hoary things you hear Manhattan real estate boosters say is that real estate here is so valuable because “it’s an island, they are not making more of it”. Of

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huge 40 West 22 Street loft sells at $916/ft as canvas, actors' theater

  not a mix of metaphors In babbling that the “4,150 sq ft” Manhattan loft on the 5th floor at 40 West 22 Street as “your canvas awaits” the agent committed metaphor; in saying that the loft “is currently designed

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Franklin Tower loft at 90 Franklin Street zooms through market, into 2007

who will argue with success?The recent sale of the “2,633 sq ft” Manhattan loft #7S at 90 Franklin Street (Franklin Tower) was a success in the sense that it sold quickly (21 days to contract) at a small discount (3%).

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loft with artist's personality sells at $1,174/ft at 149 Franklin Street

customized space, customizableThe Manhattan loft #5S at 149 Franklin Street that just sold has a very idiosyncratic character and a fascinating (odd) floor plan. No one who has seen it was surprised to see that it was the long-time live

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