Month: August 2011

ta da! Silk Building penthouse loft on East 4 Street sells at 10% premium to 2008

I can’t quit herI am having trouble getting that penthouse loft sale at 144 West 18 Street with all those impressive numbers out of my mind (August 29, 4 terraces = 1 bidding war for penthouse loft at 144 West

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more terraces, more envy, as 15 East 15 Street loft sells at another premium

putting the sweet in master suiteIf it seems like only yesterday that we were talking about multiple terraces and multiple bids, we were! That was my August 29, 4 terraces = 1 bidding war for penthouse loft at 144 West

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4 terraces = 1 bidding war for penthouse loft at 144 West 18 Street

+10% = sweetThere are some very impressive numbers associated with the Manhattan loft #PH-W at 144 West 18 Street (the Chainworks Building, hardly a romantic locution, but apt given its prior usage), starting with the clearing price of $4.119mm on

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3 sales around the break-even point at Jade, 16 West 19 Street lofts

follow the bouncing podsThere have been 3 August sales of Manhattan lofts in that oh-so-stylish 2007 new development Jade at 16 West 19 Street, one just below the sponsor sale price and two just above. Caption the pod experiment as

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Saturday diversion / Becket and Lead Belly edition

hurricane mash-upIn which Vladimir and Estragon finally meet Godot, who says “Goodnight Irene” instead of “hello boys!” and then exits, stage right, humming. The boys are plunged into further despair. The lyrics to the Lead Belly classic (often attributed to

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did Bouley learn to clean up after himself on Duane Street?

or did the rental market improve on its own?One implication of an item from yesterday’s New York Daily News Best Places Voyeur is that restaurateur David Bouley has cleaned up his act; another may be that lawyers who use a

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maple beats oak, handily, and 9th beats 10th, as 21 East 22 Street loft close up 26% since 2007

neighbor, not so handyFor fans of neighbor-on-neighbor competition, it does not get much better than this. Two Manhattan lofts with identical footprints that share a ceiling/floor come to market in “stunning” condition or better within a few weeks of each

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secrets of the Master List: 16 Manhattan lofts that HIT The Market

colors on the spreadsheetOne recurring topic of my frequent notes to self is to use the aggregate data about Manhattan loft transactions that I collect in the Master List of Manhattan Lofts Sold Since November 2008 (N.B., lofts downtown that

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Sunday diversion / lovers pix

(with bonus zombie)What’s up with kids today, with their zombies and their technology? h/t Daily Kos © Sandy Mattingly 2011  

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riffing with Toy + NY Times about higher prices “sprinkled” through Manhattan, including in the loft market (Part 1)

a different approach to outliersI daresay that the Sunday real estate section lead article in yesterday’s New York Times by Vivian Toy, In New York, a Sprinkling of Higher Prices, will get a lot of play on the inter tubes.

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