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for variety, 123 Baxter Street loft sells down 5% over 2008

not all Manhattan lofts are from Lake Wobegon Just as the mirror has two sides, the loft niche in the residential real estate market in Manhattan has many sides. Some are above-average, and those sales that outperform The Market and/or

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about that Master List of downtown Manhattan loft sales …

if you need a diversion from Manhattan lofts today, look elsewhere (anywhere else)I think this is the second week in a row, but perhaps only the second time in the last few months, that the  Master List of Manhattan Lofts

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sorry, wrong number (but still ironic) / Miller corrects the record

  year-over-year number different than quarterly decline Jonathan Miller points out on his Matrix that the NY Post article I quoted yesterday (Manhattan Bumps Real-Estate Slump) used the wrong median sale price number in comparing his report for PruDE with

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irony can be delicious / juxtaposition of PruDE quote and data in NY Post worth a smile

pumping the market, no matter the cost Today’s brief item in the NY Post Manhattan Bumps Real-Estate Slump from Bloomberg is amusing for at least one reason.   The context: The Real Estate Board of New York’s Q3 data shows

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If you pay any attention to real estate matters on the ‘net you are probably one of the people who made one of the most popular internet real estate sites — within about a month of launching its beta site.

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