Month: June 2006

the newest new kitchen (in Flatiron, not Chelsea)

  If you have been paying really close attention, you will understand my reference to G4 kitchens (if not, see my earlier blog about Manhattan loft kitchen styles).   Here’s a new one in the G4 series, which will have

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If all news is good news (follow-up on grown-ups who smile to much)

  A follow up to my post about NAR’s Chief Economist David Lereah being one of the ‘grown-ups’ who talks too ‘happy’ sometimes (rah-rah sis boom…too much happy talk….)   National price appreciation to be up 5.7% in 2006 and

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Building BOOM downtown

  NY Newsday ran an article this week from the AP about some very real costs associated with the building boom (emphasis on ‘boom’), especially downtown Manhattan: jackhammers and pile drivers going from early until late.   Noise, dust, vibration

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G4.2 a new generation of Loft kitchens

  Original Manhattan lofts often had kitchens that matched the authentic industrial feel of the space: they were open to the rest of the space and more functional than stylish; perhaps an industrial sink, more likely to have shelves rather

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trading 48 apts + 117 parking spaces for an old SoHo garage

starts and fits (“A log about land use and transportation”) had an item on Sunday about the demolition of the garage at Broome & Thompson in SoHo and the plan for a new eight story 48 apartment building. Aaron Donovan’s

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Rah, rah, sis boom (or sis bah)? Too much happy talk from grown-ups.

  Why do professionals in the real estate brokerage world feel compelled to spin all data toward price appreciation, rather than trying to be honest brokers of information and balanced analysis?   It is probably unfair to select any specific

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Terrific locution, but everything old is

  … new again, in the NY Sun article New York’s Newest Suburb. I love TriBurbia   Here’s the lead:  ‘Welcome to "TriBurBia."’ LOVE that "TriBurBia"! (But shouldn’t that be TriBurbia??)   This reads like one of those everyone-so-often articles

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However (says Virginia), loft inventory numbers are different

  Q1 06 loft data stronger than general market data   The loft-specific data in the Miller Samuel 1Q 06 Market Overview paint a very different picture about the vitality of the loft market compared to the Manhattan coop and

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Yes Virginia, inventory is up but buyers are buying (Q1 report)

  Inventory is the big news   As mentioned in my original post on this report THE big news in the Miller Samuel 1Q 06 Market Overview is the inventory data, about which Jonathan Miller has been quoted elsewhere as

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NY Daily News article about

  The Daily News ran a fun article (Celebrity owners & intriguing tales always help…) Make A Sale last week in which I was quoted at the start and end. Reporter Lore Croghan did a nice job on an angle

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