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New York Times revisits valuation of outdoor space, oddly

nice to see numbers, but the article is a mess Did you see the big piece in Sunday’s New York Times real estate section about valuing balconies, terraces and other outdoor space in Manhattan lofts and apartments? On the one

for variety, 123 Baxter Street loft sells down 5% over 2008

not all Manhattan lofts are from Lake Wobegon Just as the mirror has two sides, the loft niche in the residential real estate market in Manhattan has many sides. Some are above-average, and those sales that outperform The Market and/or

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was the design / furniture CEO disappointed on sale of 150 West 26 Street loft penthouse?

probably (sigh) Whether views as boasting or not, broker babble that touts the seller’s personal and professional aesthetic cred personalizes a marketing campaign to an unusual degree. In the case of the “2,070 sq ft” Manhattan penthouse loft at 150

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riffing with The Miller on the value of Manhattan terraces, decks + balconies

timely stuffAs The Miller said on his blog yesterday, he finally got around to answering a question about Manhattan real estate valuation methodology for outdoor spaces, [Terra Logic] Understanding The Value of Manhattan Apartment Outdoor Space. Great timing (for Manhattan

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still trying to give that loft away at 12 E 14 (if you buy terrace)

#5A at 12 East 14 Street is back on the market this week, on its third listing agent of 2007. Ivana Tagliamonte of BHS is now offering this “900 sq ft” loft with “1,200 sq ft” private roof terrace for

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open house nuggets / open to the outdoors

    (remember to check the agentwebsites Sunday morning to see if open house is stillon)   PH at 284 FifthAvenue $3.25mm and $4,278/mo for a bunchof indoor space (2,500 sq ft??) and “2,200 feet” of terrace that Iblogged about

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12 E 14 St terrace $1.25mm — free loft attached

  900 sq ft loft with 1,175 ft terrace #5A at 12 East 14 Street is a new-this-week one bed living space with 100 person roof terrace (1,175 sq ft). How will The Market value that combination? Jim Farah at

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   Who wants a terrace? (hint: everyone) The Times is right:  “The funny thing about private outdoor space in the city is that some people who have it use it, others don’t, but most people seem to want it regardless

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