Month: August 2006

Lofts are sexy

  I often get email blasts from agents about their listings, some of which are over the top, some just barely alive. For purposes of this discussion, I am amused by the apartment listings from non-loft neighborhoods that describe the

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The politics (?) of press reporting on recent sales / NY Times picks two hot ones

   I gotta wonder sometimes about the politics of press reporting on real estate….   I am not saying there is a grand conspiracy going on, or even necessarily a single editorial sensibility. And I have not paid enough strict

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the Tao of Lofts / essential features

There must be many opinions on what makes a loft a "loft", or where the line is between merely "loft-like" and a "true" loft. I know this because I see many listings for "lofts" that – to me – are

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NY Post

Here is the description given in the NY Post on Aug 24 for a recent closing of a condominium loft at the Petersfield at 115 Fourth Av (at 12th St):   $1,050,000 One bedroom, two-bath loft condo, 900 square feet,

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internet searches correlating with home sales?

Not sure what to do with this, but it looks intriguing….   A firm that analyzes web search traffic (not sure how, but that’s another story) published a chart showing a "rough correlation" between internet searches for "houses for sale"

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Is the buzz dead? / will Britney be the last celeb in this loft?

   The Wall Street Journal carried this news to me, but I am sure other media outlets had things to say about it that I missed.   Oops! It (finally) sold again Britney Spears finally sold her Manhattan loft, after

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Eyes out for a market indicator / 240 Park Av South follows its sibling at #260

   Comparing pricing at building A to building B – pretty good lab data is coming By then we will probably all know how the market is doing, but the related developments at 260 Park Avenue South (at 20th St;

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Chuck Close lighting unresolved

  That fascinating issue about whether a developer would get a variance to block the light of Noho artists’ studios (including that of Chuck Close) will continue for another month, and may be heading towards a negotiated resolution. I blogged

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Timing the market when timing is everything / CNNMoney on

  They make it sound so easy “Bubble-sitting” is the term used by CNNMoney reporter Les Christie to refer to potential buyers who anticipate that house or apartment prices will fall, so are renting in the interim. There is a

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Another precinct heard from, and giving me a headache / Halstead

  I get a headache trying to reconcile the various sources of data about what is happening in the market. Monday I addressed Miller Samuel’s Q2 report. Today I look at Halstead’s.   Compared to the Miller Samuel data, Halstead’s

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