Month: July 2006

Yes Virginia, there was a Thomas in English Muffins / an oven grows in Chelsea

Careful what renovation projects you undertake A “self-proclaimed Mr. Fixit”, Mike Kinnane, took down part of a basement wall on 20th Street around the corner from 9th Avenue, and discovered a 20 ft x 15 ft brick oven that had

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More on lofts with views / Big Sky Country in the West 30s

  LOTS of light near the Lincoln Tunnel I went to a broker open house tour last week, which featured some beautiful lofts from 36th to 39th Streets between 8th and 10th Avenues. For purposes of this quick post, I

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What the [deleted] does this mean? CNNMoney report that NY & NJ housing 43% overpriced

  Why it is so hard to apply national housing data to Manhattan posted a link on Thursday to a CNN Money article, with the Curbed ‘headline’ “Report:  NY/NJ housing 43% overpriced”, which made me go “hmmm … that

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Cobblestone wars

  Weird that the NY Post today has a piece about the June 20 CB1 Landmarks Committee rejection of the attempt by 44 Laight Street condo owners to replace part of the cobblestone street, which I blogged about on July

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The strange case of the rent-free loft / the dicey math of illegal lofts

  Fascinating piece in the Village Voice about the peculiar oh-so-New-York dance that can happen when a landlord accepts residential tenants into a non-residential building. Among other things, landlords are severely restricted in using the courts to collect rent or

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light more precious than views to an artist / more on losing views…

  More than a river view or an Empire State Building-centered panorama, artist Chuck Close will miss his light, if a proposed NoHo development occurs, putting a unique spin on he question about the value of “views” I addressed last

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What makes a city a

  Funny little piece from the Sacramento Bee (free registration may be required for full text) about some new rental development that is part of the revitalization of downtown Sacramento.   New style of apartments in Sacramento There are 400

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Popularity contests / NYC just cracks list of best

  It has been a few years since I paid attention to the annual college rankings in US News & World Report, but I remember the head-scratching that the ranking process engendered. brought those memories back with its rankings

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another new school for Tribeca?

  A new public Intermediate School in Tribeca?? I missed the original mention in the Post, but The Real Deal credits the Post as reporting that the City is “considering” (weasel word, that!) opening an Intermediate School in Tower 5

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Now you see it (and pay for it), now you don

  Following nicely on my post yesterday about the values of Manhattan apartment outdoor space, The Real Deal segues with a piece about vanishing views and view values. Clearly, views matter, and command a premium. Equally – this being a

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