Month: December 2011

[UPDATED] yes, the sales dam is finally broken for Urban Glass House lofts at 330 Spring Street

[NOTE the updated info below; and thanks to Reader Tim for the insight]The Market has established the clearing value for the buildingThough it took a really long time, the “1,410 sq ft” Manhattan loft #7C at 330 Spring Street (the

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why did The Market put the hate on 2nd floor loft at 69 Murray Street?

$824/ft = hateThe mis-placed ‘master bedroom’ cannot be the only reason that The Market treated the Manhattan loft #2 at 69 Murray Street so shabbily; after all, that should just be a small demo job to fix. But there must

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did your attorney use The Google for due diligence? would help at 150 Nassau Street

Note to Self …When I see a news article like the one today on DNAinfo in which a city official says there are "imminent safety concerns" over facade work being done at the Manhattan loft building 150 Nassau Street, I

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did Chelsea Mercantile loft sell at a record by accident at 252 Seventh Avenue?

Don Corleone, call your officeThere are not many non-penthouse lofts in the iconic Chelsea Mercantile condo that have sold on a $/ft basis anywhere near the range of the “1,517 sq ft” Manhattan loft #17B at 252 Seventh Avenue, which

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tiny loft sells at ask ($1,104/ft) at 217 West 14 Street

steps did not hurt (even down)Having climbed up the stairs to get to the Manhattan min-loft #2F at  217 West 14 Street, you might be surprised to then climb down another 5 steps once you enter the loft. At only

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Lion's Head loft resale up a tad since 2006 at 121 West 19 Street

depending on how big “a tad” isUntil a Manhattan Loft Guy groupie out there does the precise math, I am going to estimate that the all-time favorite MLG Manhattan loft building is the Lion’s Head, 121 West 19 Street, at

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101 Warren Street loft resells on 6th price, up 3.5% since 2008

which was the mythical Below Market price?It took a while, and many price drops, for the “1,473 sq ft” Manhattan loft #1180 at 101 Warren Street to finally sell on November 30 for $1.975mm. Staying on the market from January

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tunnel living has its benefits, as 19 Beach Street loft sells up 22% over 2005

though 10% less than the seller wantedThis looks like a win to me: the “2,980 sq ft” Manhattan loft on the 5th floor at 19 Beach Street sold on December 7 at $3.595mm, apparently in the same condition as when

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development watch: West 28 Street, between 6th & 7th Avenues

whose backyard is it, anyway?Some stories are perennials. For the Manhattan media wing of the Real Estate Industrial Complex it might be one merging trend (families move to suburbs for quiet!) or its opposite (families move back to city because

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45 Crosby Street loft seller wins staring contest, sells at overall 9% discount before birthday

being stubborn can payThe sellers of the “2,000 sq ft” Manhattan loft #6N at 45 Crosby Street wanted to get their price: holding at $2.85mm for 6 months, then holding at $2.75mm for the next 4 months that it took

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