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the (low) morals of the Real Estate Industrial Complex, politics division

the (non) Quote Of The DayIf there’s a word “antidote”, should there be a word “antiquote”? I feel as though we need that word today, in looking at this quote in last night’s piece, Espada, an ally of the real

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Quote of the Day, Olympics edition

  Today’s NY Times: U.S. Hockey Team Starts to Believe Again.I don’t know Jeff Klein and have not previously noted his by-line, but my hat is off to him today for a decsription of a bad tacticl choice by the

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quote for the day / NYT The Hunt

  who is out of touch now?The Sunday Real Estate section of the New York Times regular feature by Joyce Cohen, The Hunt, today profiles a woman who seems to have spent much of the last 18 months looking for

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