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is there a discernible market impact to long-running litigation over defects in luxe Flatiron loft development?

some Manhattan loft topics never get old, though they do repeat The story about the 2010 new Manhattan loft development at 141 Fifth Avenue in the heart of the Flatiron district in yesterday’s The Real Deal, Savanna wants claims dismissed

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the perils in following Manhattan loft deed filings, unhappy family edition

not so much a diversion as a quick hit, this one of a Chelsea loft that did not “sell” as reported Manhattan Loft Guy blog posts have been pretty infrequent of late (Note To Self …) so in the spirit of

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hard to argue with success, as owner sells 29 East 22 Street with NO BROKERS (no “please”?)

much as I’d like toI can appreciate that owners want to “save” money by not listing with an agent, and even that some owners are able to do it. (Most owners who go FSBO put less money in their pocket,

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failure to flip: over-pricing in 2008 leads to loss in 2012 over 2007 for 15 West 20 Street loft

memory lane trippingI wrote the headline above based just on the rather extensive sales history of the “2,259 sq ft” Manhattan loft #8A at 15 West 20 Street (Altair 20) (details below), before discovering that I covered the key old

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the stuff you can't see earned 7th floor loft at 15 West 20 Street a 13% premium over 8th floor

(I can’t see them, either)Did the hyper local Manhattan loft market in one Flatiron 2005 era new development improve by 13% in … (wait for it) … 6 days? Sounds ridiculous, right? Well, the “2,259 sq ft” Manhattan loft #8A

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resale at The Cammeyer is up 5% over 2008, but at a cost

a long time flippingThe Manhattan residential loft conversion at 650 Sixth Avenue (on the Flatiron side of the old Ladies Mile) has been such a bumpy condominium that the sponsor is still selling units, 4 ½ years after the first

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neighbor bails out neighbor at 52 West 22 Street in first resale at Paper Factory lofts

a good deed, rewardedIt has been a while since I looked at the neighbor-on-neighbor action involved when kinda one wants to sell and another sorta wants to buy. In today’s episode, the owner of the “1,048 sq ft” Manhattan loft

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129 West 22 Street loft sells at $947/ft as more classic than mint-y, but you have to sleep inside

dressed up by loft lovers, for loft lovers The longer I look at the large format photos of the “1,431 sq ft” Manhattan loft #4B at 129 West 22 Street that recently sold at $1.355mm, the more I agree with

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2nd floor loft at 9 West 20 Street beats well-dressed 5th floor loft from 2010

or, is the broker babble too modest?It can be difficult to compare Manhattan lofts based on small photos and broker babble, but you’d think that listing descriptions and photos put a property in the best possible light. In the case

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beautiful Saturday diversion / beautiful city, time lapsed

these things never get old (for me, at least)This one, "both striking and soothing"(!), is worth 3:08 of your time. Who knew? The city that never sleeps, can soothe. It starts with the Flatiron and pauses in the Meatpacking, so

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