Month: December 2013

diversion is not about lofts, but about Manhattan real estate

perhaps not very diverting, but there you go Sheesh … the last weekend of the year already. I’ve noted a few End Of Year Review type pieces for future comment, most of which I will likely never get around to

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what is “original” about Tribeca loft that went for $1,438/ft at 109 Reade Street?

(mis) adventures in Manhattan loft babbling Sometimes I suspect that I take this stuff too seriously. When I read the broker babble for the “1,321 sq ft” Manhattan loft on the 4th floor at 109 Reade Street I expected to

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Chelsea loft at 233 West 26 Street with classic floor plan + Empire State views sells for (only) $1,087/ft

the money shot is private from this angle in this Chelsea loft Long-time readers of Manhattan Loft Guy know that I tend to stare at floor plans. In previous cases of trying to divine the sequence of usage and renovation

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a seasonal no-lofts diversion is not about that (this) season

but it does involve the shortest day of the year Let others divert with visions of sugar plums, etc, today is the shortest day of the year, which means it is the darkest day of the year, which means that

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in Tribeca, much better to have been the second owner of this 1 York Street loft than the first

loft gymnastics on the upper edge of Tribeca: what a real estate back flip looks like This kind of move is not easy to pull off: the guys who bought the “1,784 sq ft” Manhattan loft #4F at 1 York

opportunity in Tribeca lost, and quantified, as buyer delay over that darn storm at 92 Laight Street loft cost about $200,000

same river view, same River Loft, but more money to buy with less water Here is a graphic indicator of market velocity, at least in the Manhattan residential real estate market niche of uber-condo loft properties in far west Tribeca:

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true artists’ loft goes under $1,000/ft in Soho, not the $1,250/ft they wanted

an artist’s life in a Soho loft, from back in the day The listing photos and description for the recently sold “4,000 sq ft” Manhattan loft #3WR at 140 Grand Street are a form of time machine. Back to the

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of course the Tribeca loft at 363 Greenwich Street did not double in value since 2004

nice return anyway, in Manhattan residential real estate terms at least Nope, you can’t say that the recent owners of the “2,010 sq ft” Manhattan loft #2B at 363 Greenwich Street doubled their money when they just sold at $2.995mm

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no-lofts diversion is in keeping with the season (almost) (not really)

the snow will sat only until the rain comes Of course it is a lovely New York City day, with snow falling softly. But it should be gone by morning, after overnight rain. Which brings to mind the greetings of

what did a “flawless renovation” of 315 West 23 Street loft cost, to generate 60% premium over Peak?

big bang for those loft renovation bucks in Chelsea This looks like a form of Manhattan loft alchemy to me: the (possibly) “1,200 sq ft” Manhattan loft #6C at 315 West 23 Street (the Broadmoor) was just sold for $1.625mm

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