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90 Franklin Street loft beats upstairs neighbor by 22% only 14 months later

I didn’t know wenge was that valuable in a Manhattan loft I can see two principal differences between the last two south-facing units that sold in Franklin Tower across the border from prime Tribeca: the “2,633 sq ft” loft #7S

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a staging coup: did selling the kitchen of 42 West 13 Street loft work better than selling the terrace?

2 fine features, 2 very different outcomes, 1 obvious reasonThis one is for all you folks who doubt that staging a loft for sale can be proven to lead to an increased value. The natural world rarely provides such a

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ruthless stagers, indeed! NY Times nails story about marketing apartments (and lofts!)

to be bookmarked by 98% of sentient agentsHonestly, I would applaud the featured article in tomorrow’s Sunday Real Estate section in the New York Times, Ruthless Came the Stager, even if Elissa Gootman had not spelled my name right (or

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flight or fight? the disappointed seller’s conundrum, 30 East 21 Street and 205 West 19 Street lofts edition

persist? or take a time out?There’s a hard decision to be made at some point by every loft seller who is disappointed that The Market does not love the loft as it should, second only to the harder decision as

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bowing to the inevitable price drop, but 25% impresses

lovely loft, big hitSpeaking of lovely Manhattan lofts (as we were last week, July 31, why isn’t a Tribeca premium renovation worth at least 250/ft?) with pricing difficulties (as we were yesterday, ditto), there’s a new firm and a price

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the importance of managing expectations

why set buyer up for disappointment?I hope it will shock no one to hear that not all high-priced Manhattan lofts are perfect. Some, indeed, have gross deficiencies. There is an interesting dance to marketing one of these lofts: playing up

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99 cent pricing on eBay leads to $400/ft under-pricing by FSBO loft seller in Noho

  ‘interesting’ times call for interesting measures? I came across a FSBO loft listing on this week for 718 Broadway #6B, which at that time was asking a rather conventional $1.295mm for about "1,400 sq ft". It caught my

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the virtues of patience as a marketing strategy / 476 Bway gets full ask after 51 weeks

blinking at ‘mature’ listings A week ago I asked who blinked at 79 Laight? contract in 13th month. We won’t know until that deal closes how close that (seemingly) stubborn seller got to the asking price, so maybe the seller

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serenity has its price / 270 W 19 St in contract

successful marketing campaign nearly complete 270 West 19 Street #4B seems like one of those “unique” lofts that is truly distinctive. It has been marketed by Laurie Karpowich at Corcoran that way, which worked to the extent of getting a

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fire the super-heroes / 35 W 23 is back without Aqua-Lad

change in marketing, no change in firmsI smiled when I came across the listing for the 4th floor at 35 West 23 Street back in August because the web description was so different from the usual broker-babble. As I said

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