Month: April 2015

replacing nude woman with a slut sells Village loft at 12 East 12 Street at $1,806/ft

well, that, a few discounts, + 18 months Sergeant Joe Friday would ask only about the asking prices and timing of the “2,750 sq ft” Manhattan loft #3S at 12 East 12 Street on the Gold Coast of Greenwich Village; others would

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2013 buyer of damaged Tribeca loft gains $500,000 by demolishing it

nobody sets out to do this (right?) Granted, outsiders to Manhattan loft sales never know why sellers or buyers do the things they do, but I will bet you a quarter the woman who just sold the “2,973 sq ft”

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calendar + renovation = 100% increase for 22 West 26 Street loft

5 years helps a Manhattan loft, but not as much as this renovation, however I did a half-off loft this week (March 31, half-off finally sells 620 Broadway artist loft with (obviously) some issues), so it is a bit of karmic

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side window in 9 West 20 Street loft allows huge master

funny what a little flexibility can do for a classic Manhattan loft footprint Are you more a flood plan guy, or are you a numbers gal? If the former, you’ll appreciate how a side window in a Long-and-Narrow loft in Flatiron

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