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laughing at economists / a Saturday diversion

the nation’s only stand-up economistA tip of the Manhattan Loft Guy cap to The Miller, for a Wednesday link to a video deconstructing Ten Principles of Economics, providing some levity for a Black 15th Anniversary. I especially like the distinction

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holy coop Batman! 80/20 hurdle falls down

why isn’t this big news?Props to Noah Rosenblatt over at for highlighting on Wednesday a law firm PR release about a provision in theMortgage Forgiveness Debt Relief Act of 2007 of huge importance to that small number of Manhattan

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IRS rules for coops

  what does happen if a “coop” has too much income? I did a post in early December about pricing at 55 Greene St that got picked up on (On the Proper Pricing of Manhattan Apartments) along with a

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a rumination on value, leading to taking stock(s) of analogies to apartments

  one more try at getting Dave Leonhardt’s complaint about home sales data out of my craw, hoping something good may come of it (The David Leonhardt Economix column in the NY Times business section two weeks ago by now,

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value, prices & data / theory, flaws & spin in Manhattan apartment prices

  bothered by smart guys The David Leonhardt Economix column in last week’s NY Times business section, What Statistics On Home Sales Aren’t Saying, has been bothering me. I blogged about it last week, with a link to the Matrix

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