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TEN YEARS is a really long time on the internet (Manhattan Loft Guy anniversary!)

in the particular madness of this March, into the Wayback Machine… This anniversary sneaks up on me some years (indeed, I’ve missed it at least once). My first post as the (self-proclaimed, fake-it-til-you-make-it) Manhattan Loft Guy was on March 19,

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wish me (& my kidney) a happy anniversary, please

it’s the polite thing to do Five years ago right about now, two families in varying states of anxiety hung out up at Columbia Presbyterian, with one member of each being prepped for surgery. A few too many hours later,

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a tale of 2 kidneys, 4 years … 4th Kidneversary already

  a sweet new year, no? If you are a loyal long-time reader, you know this personal datum about The Guy at Manhattan Loft Guy: 4 years ago today I entered Columbia Presbyterian Hospital with two kidneys but left with

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another day (another year), another Manhattan Loft Guy milestone

didn’t we just do this?I will have to wrestle with my social media conscience (oxymoron?) to see if I will beg for ReTweets from the Twitterverse, as I did for my March 7, just another wordy day for a wordy

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just another wordy day for a wordy Manhattan Loft Guy, but a milestone post

if you keep doing this long enough you will do a lot of theseI wonder if any readers who noted the Countdown thing at the bottom of the last ten posts were readers back in August 2009, the last time

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Happy 3rd Kidneyversary

life is good (pass it on)Long-time readers of Manhattan Loft Guy probably got the hint in yesterday’s diversion (September 3 , holiday diversion is a reprise), but there is no need to merely hint today: three years ago today my

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2,193 days, 1,723 posts, 1 anniversary overlooked

how embarrassing is that?Sometimes you get distracted. Sometimes Manhattan Loft Guy gets distracted. After not having blogged a jot on Sunday (1st day ‘silent’ since March 1) I scanned my draft topic list for something yesterday to blog about. Hence,

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Sunday diversion / Lady Liberty birthday edition

my country, ’tis of theeYou may have seen that this week marked the 125th anniversary of the dedication of the Statue of Liberty in New York Harbor. (Stuff on that is all over the inter-tubes, including here; that h/t goes

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Diamond Duane mini-loft sells above 2008 after adding space(!)

you don’t see that every dayThe Manhattan loft #4C at 137 Duane Street that just sold for $949,000 was marketed with a floor plan that was billed as “approximately 825 square feet” (bless that babbled modifier!), but when it was

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slow and steady loft at 148 West 23 Street wins race, eventually

not ‘forever’, but there was a birthdayAlthough the Manhattan loft #11BC at 148 West 23 Street (Chelsea Mews) ‘celebrated’ a birthday before closing on March 9 at $1.05mm, that birthday was a happier occasion than for some loft listings that

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