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wish me (& my kidney) a happy anniversary, please

it’s the polite thing to do Five years ago right about now, two families in varying states of anxiety hung out up at Columbia Presbyterian, with one member of each being prepped for surgery. A few too many hours later,

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a tale of 2 kidneys, 4 years … 4th Kidneversary already

  a sweet new year, no? If you are a loyal long-time reader, you know this personal datum about The Guy at Manhattan Loft Guy: 4 years ago today I entered Columbia Presbyterian Hospital with two kidneys but left with

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Happy 3rd Kidneyversary

life is good (pass it on)Long-time readers of Manhattan Loft Guy probably got the hint in yesterday’s diversion (September 3 , holiday diversion is a reprise), but there is no need to merely hint today: three years ago today my

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holiday diversion is a reprise

do some good, y’allYes, it is Labor Day, which deserves its own post. But I am dipping into the Manhattan Loft Guy archives today for this post from June 18, 2011, weekend diversion / feel-good edition, with a link to

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a non-Easter diversion worthy of Easter

or, today in kidney transplant newsThis quote is from a  New York Times piece in yesterday’s paper that has nothing to do with Easter, or with religion, except that it is intensely apropos for me today, before I head out

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Sunday diversion: this week in kidney transplant media

been collecting a few of these disparate piecesNote to self: follow up to see how this story about a high school pitcher about to get a new kidney ends up. Kid has done a lot, 10-hour dialysis sessions and other

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Diversion: was gonna do baseball, but this is better

  30 lives saved, beginning with one selfless actYes, it is the beginning of spring training, but I will skip that this weekend. Today’s big above-the-fold front page story in the New York Times deserves a read. Truly. For more

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holiday Monday diversion / do some good, y'all

is it a holiday where you are? (they are not picking up trash on my block, so it is here)Let’s start the year with a tissue and a Rick Reilly piece from ESPN about the Rose Bowl parade this morning.

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so a man walks into a restaurant with his kidney, and their spouses … ? Happy 2nd Kidneversary!

two years ago todayWent out to dinner at a nice Greek restaurant in Astoria last night, with my wife (of course) and my left kidney and her husband. Huh? Long-time readers of Manhattan Loft Guy know that “my left kidney”

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weekend diversion / feel-good edition

a painless way for you to do good might involve some pain for your familyI put aside this article from the May 17 New York Times, One Death Provides New Life For Many, for a sunny day diversion. Isn’t it

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