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NY Times finds a Broadway chanteuse who loves her Tribeca loft

things Manhattan Loft Guy loves … include loft lovers When the New York Times real estate feature “What I Love” works for me, it stars a celebrity who talks about her home (OK, her loft) and not just her stuff.

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hyper-local loft market in northeast East Village is flat since March 2014

adventures in anomalous Manhattan loft sales, cont’d There’s ‘the forest’ of Manhattan residential real estate, in which median sales prices and average days on market are best viewed; then there are ‘the trees’ of Manhattan residential real estate, in which individual

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NoLIta neighbor buys neighbor’s modest loft at 225 Lafayette Street at a modest price

yes, Virginia, we live in a Manhattan loft world in which $1,789/ft is modest Last week we saw that a Tribeca penthouse loft owner with a lot of space was able to persuade his next-door penthouse loft neighbor who also had

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110 Duane Street penthouse loft owner loves it so much he bought another one

 no extortion evident in this neighbor-to-neighbor Tribeca loft  sale Whoever is behind the LLC that bought the “2,254 sq ft” penthouse loft #PH3N a year ago October from the developer for $3,309,312 just bought  the “2,297 sq ft” penthouse loft

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trading 2,862 sq ft loft in Tribeca at 168 Duane Street for 2,500 sq ft Soho at 112 Prince Street

I guess they got tired of waiting to build their dream loft The folks who just sold the “2,862 sq ft” 2nd floor at 168 Duane Street (in such prime Tribeca that it overlooks Duane Park) for $4.4mm just bought

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Beach Street loft neighbor expands, takes out neighbor at fair price

  once more into the breach … er … beach The recent private sale of the “1,722 sq ft” Manhattan loft #6C at 62 Beach Street in the Fischer Mills Building for $3.05mm ($1,771/ft) fascinates me. I always wonder how

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1 Worth Street loft neighbor bails out neighbor, at a (likely) discount

    not an act of charity Hold on to your hats: this will be a bit of a bouncy ride. As I will explain, it is hard to blame StreetEasy too much for the sheer irrationality of the apparent

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Village project lofts at 250 Mercer Street sell at $925/ft with too many walls

did I miss the photo opportunity?The surviving listing on StreetEasy for the “1,500 sq ft” Manhattan lofts #C514 and #C515 at 250 Mercer Street promises “more info to follow shortly… [and] pix next week”, but that was from 14 months

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second floor loft empire at 66 Crosby Street increases at $946/ft

a curiously low price for a curiously configured spaceRemember that loft in the charming West Village that sold near $1,200/ft while needing a complete build-out? Of course you do: January 22, West Village loft that needs a total build-out sells

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love the neighbor on neighbor action, as expensive 55 Hudson Street loft wall should come down soon

little other action in this building since 2008The folks who just bought the “1,000 sq ft” Manhattan loft #7C at 55 Hudson Street for $1.5mm live next door in #7D, which is why I expect the wall between these two

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