another day (another year), another Manhattan Loft Guy milestone

didn’t we just do this?
I will have to wrestle with my social media conscience (oxymoron?) to see if I will beg for ReTweets from the Twitterverse, as I did for my March 7, just another wordy day for a wordy Manhattan Loft Guy, but a milestone post. That occasion was the number of posts; this one is the number of days (years). Seven years ago today i offered my first post as Manhattan Loft Guy, and 7 is pretty darn old in Blog Years.

I probably can’t say it better than I did two years ago, so take it away (younger) Manhattan Loft Guy:

how would Lorne Green count?

Five years is a long time in the blogosphere. The Miller’s copyright dates start in 2005, so even he is not much older than MLG. Ditto Brownstowner. Curbed, of course, is ancient, having started way back in 2004; but they pay people to do stuff over there 😉  If there is a local Manhattan real estate blog by an individual older than Noah’s Urban Digs (August 2005), I don’t know it.

shy? who knew??
I don’t think I have told this story via keyboard before: I didn’t tell anyone about that first post, or about any post for at least the first month or so, until I had made blogging enough of a habit that I could confidently predict there would be more (and more) content. In those days, there were a lot of real estate agents who announced they were blogging, but if you ever stumbled across their work you’d see two posts in the first month, and maybe another 3 in the next 6 months, then perhaps one or two more before their Google juice completely dried up.

After 7 years and (now) 2,012 posts, the one thing we can agree upon is that I have a strong blogging habit. Still working on additional social media (other than the Twitterverse, where I frequently appear as @ManhattnLoftGuy) as I noted in that Post 2,000. Note to self … put different kinds of relevant (shorter!) content more consistently on the Manhattan Loft Guy business page on Facebook (Timeline here, Welcome page here; you can get from one page to the other via the pull-down triangle up top, and you can “Like” MLG-FB from either page, if you do like it).

Apparently I have no problem begging for FB Likes, so I will probably do some RT begging on Twitter the next time I get to a WiFi spot in N’Awlins….

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