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another day (another year), another Manhattan Loft Guy milestone

didn’t we just do this?I will have to wrestle with my social media conscience (oxymoron?) to see if I will beg for ReTweets from the Twitterverse, as I did for my March 7, just another wordy day for a wordy

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just another wordy day for a wordy Manhattan Loft Guy, but a milestone post

if you keep doing this long enough you will do a lot of theseI wonder if any readers who noted the Countdown thing at the bottom of the last ten posts were readers back in August 2009, the last time

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today's the day

rather: it was the dayMy first post on Manhattan Loft Guy (as Manhattan Loft Guy?) was March 19, 2006. Yikes! Happy Blog-day to me!! If you click on Archives on the lower right you can easily get back to those

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three zeroes / flipping the odometer on a major Manhattan Loft Guy milestone

the rundown on the CountdownThat Countdown thing that has appeared on the last ten posts was pointed to the 1000th post since Manhattan Loft Guy launched three and a half years ago. O N E  T H O U S

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