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65 West 13th Street loft owner bites bullet, finally becomes seller

how to make an impression on The Market The mark of a serious seller is forcefully responding to negative feedback. The guy who just sold the beautiful “2,341 sq ft” Manhattan loft #3H at 65 West 13 Street (The Greenwich)

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my Master List of downtown Manhattan loft sales has changed, just a bit

it’s still hard to track The Market, especially in a niche like downtown lofts Time for an update about my efforts to follow the downtown Manhattan loft market by tracking weekly (ahem, often weekly) newly filed deeds; more precisely, about how

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$5 million data points: unrealistic Manhattan loft sellers or market softening?

the numbers are intriguing One of the story lines coming out of the Manhattan Media Division of the Real Estate Industrial Complex has been about supply in the luxury market (specifically, in new developments), with the (often implicit) question about

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OYAToMLG about different market conditions, 2012 and 2009 (of course)

apparently, everyone wants to GansevoortLet’s take a step back from the hysteria momentum of the current market and the New York Times-induced hysteria and revisit those thrilling days of yesteryear; more precisely, that thrilling day yester year when One Year

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a staging coup: did selling the kitchen of 42 West 13 Street loft work better than selling the terrace?

2 fine features, 2 very different outcomes, 1 obvious reasonThis one is for all you folks who doubt that staging a loft for sale can be proven to lead to an increased value. The natural world rarely provides such a

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how the pros do it: raise the price, get the price for 66 Ninth Avenue loft

a new building recordThe media last week was all over the recent sale of the “2,271 sq ft” Manhattan loft #6W at 66 Ninth Avenue (the Porter House) because the seller is a retail real estate honcho. The stories (from

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loft at 65 West 13 Street disguised as prewar apartment sells at $1,572/ft

why do people DO these things??I am fascinated by things that don’t fit, such as a person selling a Park Avenue prewar to move to a classic loft, or an artist selling a Noho loft to move to the Upper

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developer’s remorse? Gansevoort loft sells +50% over 2009 sponsor sale at 325 West 13 Street

fill in the blank: timing is  …?The title question is not quite a Philip K. Dick level inquiry, but I have to wonder if developers have feelings, after noting the resale of the “2,236 sq ft” duplex Manhattan loft #1

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unsold in Summer of 2008, 74 Fifth Avenue loft goes to war

yes, Virgina; timing is everythingThe recent sellers of the “2,475 sq ft” Manhattan loft #11A at 74 Fifth Avenue in the heart of Greenwich Village had poor timing the first time around. They tried to sell at $3.3mm from July

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darn 2006 flipper ate up all the profit of 15 Broad Street loft

fasten seat belt, pleaseThe story of the recent resale of the Manhattan loft #1202 at 15 Broad Street (Downtown by Starck) begins in 2006, when the loft was sold by the developer. Remember those days of froth? First buyer paid

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