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250 Mercer Street mini-loft sells up only a smidge over 2005

that’s $5,000 if you are scoring at homeIn “honor” of the (now begun!) snopocalypse, I had hoped to continue looking at memorably tragic sales this week. (That’s on top of my posts of February 6, 106 Duane Street loft sellers

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Sunday diversion / real live hero at 22, public servant until 88 edition

rest in peace, brother Inouye US Senator from Hawaii Daniel Inouye died this week at age 88, after having been the longest serving member of the Senate since Robert Byrd’s passing in 2010. That means he was about 63 when

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Sunday diversion / Lady Liberty birthday edition

my country, ’tis of theeYou may have seen that this week marked the 125th anniversary of the dedication of the Statue of Liberty in New York Harbor. (Stuff on that is all over the inter-tubes, including here; that h/t goes

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45 Lispenard loft sale meets the past from the other direction

score one for The New York ObserverNetiquette requires that I note a factually correct Manhattan loft sale catch by The New York Observer, having snarked on their sorry ass ‘fact-checking’ only yesterday. Whatever ACRIS filters they use, they again beat

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Saturday diversion / 1980s music + 2011 bipartisanship edition

now try to get it out of your head!It has been a few weeks since the last Manhattan Loft Guy weekend diversion, perhaps because there are so many lofts, and so little time. I wonder if my brother whose birthday

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Sunday diversion / 'Goodnight Moon' deconstructed for fun (I hope)

hushI can’t find my copy this morning. Is it clear the bunny is a “he”? The deconstruction is here. The ever-fascinating Wiki has some more bits of cultural significance or effluvia. What would McSweeney’s make of the altered author’s photo?

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merry Christmas to all who observe

if not, come back tomorrowReading Wiki today about Dietrich Bonhoeffer, moved in part by memory of his famous letter to his parents from his Nazi prison cell December 17, 1943 (Maria is his fiancee) that has been part of my

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