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Diamond Duane mini-loft sells above 2008 after adding space(!)

you don’t see that every dayThe Manhattan loft #4C at 137 Duane Street that just sold for $949,000 was marketed with a floor plan that was billed as “approximately 825 square feet” (bless that babbled modifier!), but when it was

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137 Duane Street loft seller makes same mistake that developer made

eventually bites bullet, like developerIt was deja vu all over again, as the “3,000 sq ft” Manhattan loft #2E at 137 Duane Street (Diamond Duane) finally sold on June 30 for an even $3mm. The listing history is full of

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when a condo board sues a developer, must resales die?

the cat may already have left the bagThe Christine Haughney Appraisal story in today’s New York Times touches (again) on the consequences to owners who would like to sell when there is a dispute about the condition of the building.

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415 Greenwich Street loft closes up 1% from original price (2005), 22% off 2008 ask

was there a Peter Principle for new developments heading into The Peak?As with many new development lofts marketed in pre-construction and pre-Peak days, the Manhattan loft #6F at 415 Greenwich Street, Tribeca Summit, has a complicated listing history, with many

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more developer haircuts, as 415 Greenwich lofts cut to close

big discounts, little discountsThe Manhattan lofts (and townhouses) at Tribeca Summit, 415 Greenwich Street, have had a … errrr … difficult time selling out. The project started marketing in 2006, with the first closed sales in this 66-unit development in

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2008 diet works / slimmer 8 Thomas contract

funky, funky (but chic?)The 2d floor at 8 Thomas Street had been on the market for quite a while last year (14 months, into November), was taken off the market then came back three weeks ago with a new firm

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welcome 8 Thomas back, slimmer

long holiday absence endsThe 2d floor at 8 Thomas Street is back on the market this morning, with a new firm and a new price. Having been marketed from September 2006 to November 2007 at $2.95mm, $2.775mm and $2.76mm, it

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