wish me (& my kidney) a happy anniversary, please

it’s the polite thing to do

Five years ago right about now, two families in varying states of anxiety hung out up at Columbia Presbyterian, with one member of each being prepped for surgery. A few too many hours later, word came to the assembly that the organ formerly known as My Left Kidney was Her Brand Spanking New Kidney, and all began to be right with the Smelin world, once more.

Five years is a significant milestone in many medical contexts, not least organ donations, so please give it up today for the organ formerly known as My Left Kidney … er … Her [no longer] Brand Spanking [but still beautiful] New Kidney, and for Susan’s continuing good health. When I say that donating a kidney was the coolest thing I’ve ever done, I mean that if that datum is not the lede for my obituary in 2054 or so it will be because there are truly extraordinary and unexpected things ahead of me.

Long (long!) time readers of Manhattan Loft Guy know the story, but indulge me for some refreshment.

My anticipatory post on that long ago Friday before Labor Day (back when Labor Day was celebrated where it belonged on the calendar) was  asking for prayers from those who pray.

I provided the backstory in my return blog post after a long and unauthorized hiatus from blogging, in my January 20, 2010, adventures in nephrology / about that kidney donation…., with a link to an interview we did to fill in that backstory that appeared on page 8 (of 10) of the January 2010 edition of FieldNotes, from the Ethical Culture Fieldston School (sorry for all the scrolling required).

The rest (up to now) is day to day life for both of us — a prospect about which Susan used to have some doubts — and celebration, such as the lovely Fifth Anniversary dinner we shared last night at Craft. (Every thing they put on the table was terrific, but try the pork porterhouse, served a lovely pink.) We forgot to take a picture of us at the table, alas, but just imagine a large table, full of empty plates and satisfied smiles.

I will close the way I closed that January 20, 2010 post, and several since then:

The New York Donor Network website is http://donatelifeny.org/, where you can get information about donating organs after you don’t need them. There’s a form you can fill out, print and mail that enrolls you in the donor program, which you can access here. The main site has many, many links if you want further information about organ transplants.

Do. It. Now.

Seriously: Do. it. Now.

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