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diversion about lofts in the movies and a tech mogul’s sex life

spectacular Flatiron loft back in the news I must say that I can’t figure out why it is recent ‘news’ that The Google Man is in an open marriage,  but I appreciate that The Real Deal did a loft-peeking piece

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just another wordy day for a wordy Manhattan Loft Guy, but a milestone post

if you keep doing this long enough you will do a lot of theseI wonder if any readers who noted the Countdown thing at the bottom of the last ten posts were readers back in August 2009, the last time

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the end of the year, as we know it

how did this creep up on me??I was thinking about doing a kind of 2012 In Review post, but started thinking about it too late to actually (you know) do anything serious about it. The I was thinking about doing

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did your attorney use The Google for due diligence? would help at 150 Nassau Street

Note to Self …When I see a news article like the one today on DNAinfo in which a city official says there are "imminent safety concerns" over facade work being done at the Manhattan loft building 150 Nassau Street, I

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shilling for I M Pei

  not that he needs itI sat about 15 feet from I. M. Pei  last night, at a screening of a documentary about him that will be broadcast next Wednesday. It was one of those that‘s why I live in

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master list of Manhattan loft closings is up to date!

finally!No kidding around … no one else has this data. I have just completed the Master List of Manhattan loft closings, bringing it up to date with deeds filed as of February 5 (the most recent available as of this

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master list of Manhattan loft closings since November

this is The Big OneIt has been quite a while since I posted loft-closings-in-last-30-days, but I have not stopped keeping track of Manhattan residential lofts as they close. While there are many limitations in the data (discussed below), the collection

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30 days of actual Manhattan loft sales, from March 12

just in time to beat the Q1 market reports? I captured 30 days of reported Manhattan "loft" sales from the inter-firm data-base on March 12, comprising a fourth set of 30-day-sales data. The limitations, cautions, gripes and hopes set forth

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hard data are hard to find … here's some on 30 days of actual loft sales

first of a series? maybeA week ago I set up a spreadsheet on Google Docs as a way to retain and order data that I look at periodically — namely, recent actual sales of Manhattan lofts. Since then I have

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