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another loft goes at 288 West Street, direct river views in Tribeca earn $1,432/ft

there are river views, and there are river views The year end sale of the “1,850 sq ft” Manhattan loft #2W at 288 West Street in the far west corner of Tribeca is an occasion for ‘we’ve been here before’.

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288 West Street loft up 11% over 2011 instead of 15%

does the Index owe this Tribeca loft $90,000? You know I do this only in part to remind you, gentle readers, and more so to remind me: the StreetEasy Manhattan Condo Index is a tool (a very useful single-number tool)

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why not? Chelsea Mercantile loft with forever views sells for $2,336/ft

quality sells, Chelsea brand name loft conversion, too; and views! Don’t take my word for it (I will prove it down below), but there are not many Manhattan lofts that re-sell at or above $2,000/ft, even before adjusting for outdoor

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water fountain view from Chelsea Mercantile loft worth only $1,040/ft

what would you pay for a (real) view?I had some fun in my January 20, privileged Chelsea Mercantile loft clears near $1,700/ft at 252 Seventh Avenue, talking about what spectacular views are worth at the Chelsea Mercantile (in two cases

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privileged Chelsea Mercantile loft clears near $1,700/ft at 252 Seventh Avenue

was it the iconic views?If there is a data geek out there looking for a laboratory to explore the value of views, one could do worse than start at the Chelsea Mercantile at 252 Seventh Avenue. The Merc is an

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did Chelsea Mercantile loft sell at a record by accident at 252 Seventh Avenue?

Don Corleone, call your officeThere are not many non-penthouse lofts in the iconic Chelsea Mercantile condo that have sold on a $/ft basis anywhere near the range of the “1,517 sq ft” Manhattan loft #17B at 252 Seventh Avenue, which

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Sunday diversion / Lady Liberty birthday edition

my country, ’tis of theeYou may have seen that this week marked the 125th anniversary of the dedication of the Statue of Liberty in New York Harbor. (Stuff on that is all over the inter-tubes, including here; that h/t goes

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