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diversion about real estate (any discussion of Gentrification is tangentially about Manhattan loft neighborhoods)

  though the focus recently is on Brooklyn A perennial never-get-to on my Don’t Do list is a thought piece on how neighborhoods change, including my personal history as a residential pioneer in the then newly-minted Tribeca (truly TriBeCa in

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stubborn flower district loft seller holds for sale at 133 West 28 Street with rooftop garden

Conventional Wisdom takes another (small) hitWe’ve been here before: sometimes the Conventional Wisdom (“conventional” because it is common; “wisdom” because it is … errr … wise) is wrong. Conventional Wisdom holds that a professional, broadly exposed, marketing campaign of 3

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when a condo board sues a developer, must resales die?

the cat may already have left the bagThe Christine Haughney Appraisal story in today’s New York Times touches (again) on the consequences to owners who would like to sell when there is a dispute about the condition of the building.

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the perils of real estate porn, in Brooklyn about houses or even in Manhattan about lofts

NY Times reader frustrated with (lack of) context for neighborhood change (‘improvement’)There is a fascinating letter to the editor in Thursday’s Home & Garden section of the New York Times, responding to a Location feature in the prior week’s H&G

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Observer observes 262 Mott Street loft sale without overlap

quote of the (snowy) dayThe New York Observer posted a piece on-line last night about the  recent sale of the Manhattan loft #203 at 262 Mott Street, a pre-Civil War loft with an Olde New York view over Old Saint

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rebels in REBNY may repel web listing portal

  who at REBNY wants this thing, and why? I blogged about the Nov 1 announcement by the Real Estate Board of New York about plans in the Spring to establish an internet portal for REBNY-member firm listings (A Giant

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