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hyper-local penthouse loft market at Church + Leonard up 9% since January

resale was way up, but profit … don’t ask The guy who just sold the “2,135 sq ft” penthouse loft #5 at 249 Church Street may have worried when he paid 11% over the ask to buy it in what must

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penthouse loft at 17 Greene Street sells at ridiculous (adjusted) value after chopping, chopping

maybe this will be penthouse weekEven without considering the size difference, can there be any pair of penthouse lofts in prime Manhattan loft neighborhoods more different [oops! omitted those two words in the original] than yesterday’s please-gut-me 14 Jay Street

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disappointed not to get $2,000/ft? maybe yes, maybe no as 7 Hubert Street loft sells

it did double since 2004 The Manhattan loft #4A at 7 Hubert Street sold on March 7 at $4.5mm, on the one hand at nearly twice the original sponsor sale in 2004; on the other hand at a 10% discount

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nice loft, great deck, but not so near work

if this is "near" so is Penn StationIt is always nice to see a beautiful Manhattan loft featured in the media, and this more-foodie-than-lofty item from The Observer does feature a beautiful loft. The loft in question is the Penthouse

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50 Walker Street loft sells with huge deck, NY Observer observes

how to value the deck??I am going to have to struggle some other time with applying The Miller’s approach to valuing outdoor space to this beautiful Manhattan loft #6B at 50 Walker Street that sold on July 13 for an

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riffing with The Miller on the value of Manhattan terraces, decks + balconies

timely stuffAs The Miller said on his blog yesterday, he finally got around to answering a question about Manhattan real estate valuation methodology for outdoor spaces, [Terra Logic] Understanding The Value of Manhattan Apartment Outdoor Space. Great timing (for Manhattan

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terrace sells for about $1mm at 110 West 25 Street

‘crowning glory’, indeedThe top-floor Manhattan loft 110 West 25 Street #12 (aka "PH") closed last week (April 22, deed filed April 28) for $3.885mm. This "2,500 sq ft" interior space sounds much like the refined lofts on each of the

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10 Bleecker remarkable space holds value remarkably well

as B goes, so goes AYou might look at the successful 9 day marketing campaign (NINE DAYS!) a year ago of the Manhattan loft  #7B at 10 Bleecker Street as a marvel of timing, in the sense of how marvelous

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