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that awkward moment, when your Tribeca past catches you short

third owners ever for American Thread Company loft face new challenges Did you ever have the experience of walking down the street (perhaps with your head down [snow!], perhaps on Beach Street, walking east at the rounded corner with Sixth Avenue)

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architects trash O’Neill Building loft in Chelsea, in order to make it beautiful, of course

for the due diligence files of 655 Sixth Avenue loft buyers (caveat emptor!) Long-time readers of Manhattan Loft Guy know that I am a sucker for before-and-after photos; otherwise I have to wait for a loft having been sold twice,

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long story about a small loft at 650 Sixth Avenue that finally sells up 28% over 2011

there’s a 2011 new loft development sale and a “reconceived” loft sale, not far enough apart The simple facts about the “942 sq ft” Manhattan mini-loft #6J at 650 Sixth Avenue (in the Cammeyer) are simple: the recent seller at $1.45mm

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the Just One Buyer theory holds, as idiosyncratic 575 Sixth Avenue loft sells above ask, quickly

personal style that is very personal might still appealThis is a typical scenario: owner with wonderful taste renovates and decorates a Manhattan loft so that it fits her lifestyle and personality to a T, but eventually decides to sell; agent

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resale at The Cammeyer is up 5% over 2008, but at a cost

a long time flippingThe Manhattan residential loft conversion at 650 Sixth Avenue (on the Flatiron side of the old Ladies Mile) has been such a bumpy condominium that the sponsor is still selling units, 4 ½ years after the first

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O’Neill loft at 655 Sixth Avenue resells at 21% loss over 2007

that will leave a markUntil recently, there were but two lofts at the O’Neill Building, 655 Sixth Avenue, on the spreadsheet of 2007 and 2011 paired sales. (See my September 27, is the Manhattan loft market back to (up to)

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why did 107 West 25 Street loft take so long to sell?

so close to original ask, above last askI got on the horse yesterday about the form of Market Curios that take a long time to sell at not such a different price at which they had long been available (424

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O’Neill loft at 655 Sixth Avenue sells despite not being marketed from July 2007 to December 2008

otherwise, it was actively marketedSome marketing campaigns are longer than others; few are as long as this (perhaps none). When the Manhattan loft #3B at 655 Sixth Avenue (the O’Neill Building) finally sold on February 28 for $1.22mm it had

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O’Neill loft seller finally gives up, yet sells above ask at 655 Sixth Avenue

bizarre is in the eye of the beholderI don’t think that the most unusual thing about the sale of the Manhattan loft #2M at 655 Sixth Avenue (The O’Neill Building) is the synchronicity in that it sold on February 17

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no listing, but VERY motivated buyer for O’Neill loft at 655 Sixth Avenue greases a move to Tribeca

indeed, a unique buyerSometimes there’s a story you can figure out about a Manhattan loft that sells without having been offered publicly through a real estate brokerage. And sometimes there’s a story you can figure out about an anomalous sale.

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