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The Black Loft finally sells at 213 West 23 Street, 1/3 off

Manhattan loft beauty, like many things, is in the eye of the beholder To say that the fully renovated layout and finishes of the “3,750 sq ft” Chelsea loft #6S at 213 West 23 Street is not in everyone’s taste is

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a large diversion: 9 million people in the naked city by 2030, or 2040

not new news, but hasn’t happened, yetThis news about projected population growth for New York City made the news across the inter-toobz a few weeks ago, with a Columbia University study differing with the City’s projected population numbers as to

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Wall Street Journal jumps gun on quarterly market report, flogs Soho loft sale you know about

brilliant journalismRegular readers of Manhattan Loft guy will suspect snark in that sub-head, but today, I got none. Josh Barbanel’s piece in today’s Journal, Manhattan Sales Continue to Climb, is brilliant journalism on two fronts. First, it scoops all the

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151 West 17 Street loft sells up 9% in 16 months

at least everyone made moneyFrom a karmic perspective, it is nice that the “1,917 sq ft” Manhattan loft #6A at 151 West 17 Street (the Campiello Collection) has a fairly straight line sales history, with no hiccups or plunges: Dec

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Wall Street Journal flogs north Tribeca for no apparent reason

too much time on their hands?Believe me, I get that one purpose of the media wing of the Manhattan Real Estate Industrial Complex is to create ‘news’ about little neighborhoods, in part to follow a narrative of up-and-coming. This Wall

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weekend diversion / Manhattan maps … we got 200+ years of maps

slicing and dicing a sliver of an islandThere has been a lot in the blogosphere to celebrate the 200th anniversary of the Manhattan street grid, but this compilation from the Wall Street Journal’s New York blog on March 22 is

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sellers of awesome Riverdale mansion in yesterday's WSJ want a Manhattan loft!

real estate remains a spectator sportI was out with a long-time friend last night, catching up on families, friends, lives (etc, etc, etc) and (even) real estate. He is a partner in a major Manhattan law firm, lives in Manhattan,

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Manhattan Loft Guy, 1

pardon me for boastingI am reliably informed that my December 14, Wall Street Journal oversells a Manhattan 4 bedroom “boom”, was forwarded to an editor at the Wall Street Journal, resulting in the Corrections & Amplifications item posted Saturday on

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Wall Street Journal oversells a Manhattan 4 bedroom “boom”

  [UPDATE: note the way The Journal acknowledged the error and then edited to make the article even less coherent: December 19, Manhattan Loft Guy, 1 – Wall Street Journal, 0, as WSJ posts 4 bedroom correction] (mis) adventures in

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another neighbor extorted, as Queer Eye tires of “Soho”, leaves 505 Greenwich Street loft for Chelsea

there’s nothing like leverageThe Wall Street Journal has the story today about loft owners at 505 Greenwich Street who so wanted additional space that they hugely overpaid to help the semi-famous neighbor next door realize that it was time for

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