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American Felt loft at 114 East 13 St sells for 6th time at a gain

there are no guarantees in Manhattan residential real estate, of course, of course Timing may not be the proverbial “everything” when it comes to Manhattan lofts, but it surely helps to have it on your side. The “1,164 sq ft” East

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very funky Soho cozy (small!) loft at 140 Sullivan Street sells at $1,454/ft

open lofts are for sound sleepers only I always wonder who the folks are who love open lofts such as the little (“1,100 sq ft”) one #3R at 140 Sullivan Street that just sold in the tiny corner of the

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price discovery can be hard, even for pros, as at 738 Broadway

marked down from $6 million! The “2,396 sq ft” Manhattan loft on the 2nd floor at 738 Broadway (the Broadway McKenna Building) in the most NYU-ish stretch of Noho that sold for $3.85mm at Christmas started life as a $6mm listing.

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plusses and minuses evident as 249 Church Street penthouse loft sells above 3rd floor, at par with 4th floor

primitive loft with roof rights will do thatThe “1,588 sq ft” Manhattan loft on the 5th floor (“penthouse”) at 249 Church Street that sold on December 4 at $2.15mm, is a study of the power of “on the other hand

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another small loft on so many levels sells high at 130 Barrow Street

how does it measure up?The folks who just bought the “763 sq ft” Manhattan (mini) loft #404 at 130 Barrow Street must be fans of steps. On a small foot print, you get a choice as you enter to take

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6 prices, 13 months to contract for 107 West 25 Street loft

a busy little buildingOne of these days I am going to get to drafting a post about the bidding wars I have observed with buyer clients and on the Master List of Manhattan Lofts Sold Since November 2008. But that

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psst! wanna see a picture of The Trough? look at 477 Broome Street loft sold in 2009 and 2012

(and 2005)The most casual fans of the overall Manhattan residential real estate market understand the cycles of Froth-into-Peak-into-Freeze-into-Thaw; the rabid can probably draw a graph by hand. If a picture is worth a thousand words, how many words is one

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love it or hate it? glass master bath sells at 181 Hudson Street loft

one person’s wow might be another person’s ewwSometimes I wonder if I get attracted (or, distracted) by the same things in a listing that people who do not look at Manhattan lofts for a living notice. For the recent sale

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Soho gut job for $762/ft, as 81 Grand Street loft sells after 14 months, 5 price drops

did I mention that comping is hard?This one hurts. The “1,575 sq ft” Manhattan loft on the 3rd floor at 81 Grand Street sold on January 17 at $1.2mm, apparently in line with the sale of the 4th floor in

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funny business, as 22 West 26 Street loft sells at 17% discount to first ask

not funny ha-ha, funny peculiarThat the recent sale of the “1,910 sq ft” duplex loft #9H at 22 West 26 Street is dear to the Manhattan Loft Guy heart is obvious to anyone who has looked at this datum of

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