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so many Manhattan lofts are ‘outside the box’ for mortgage purposes

… though the New York Times talked more about farmland than lofts, alas There will be a very valuable kernel of truth discussed in Sunday’s New York Times piece, Buying Outside the Box (yes, I can see into the future, so long

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when a condo board sues a developer, must resales die?

the cat may already have left the bagThe Christine Haughney Appraisal story in today’s New York Times touches (again) on the consequences to owners who would like to sell when there is a dispute about the condition of the building.

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riffing with The Miller on the value of Manhattan terraces, decks + balconies

timely stuffAs The Miller said on his blog yesterday, he finally got around to answering a question about Manhattan real estate valuation methodology for outdoor spaces, [Terra Logic] Understanding The Value of Manhattan Apartment Outdoor Space. Great timing (for Manhattan

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leaving Manhattan for the Vortex of DUMBO lofts, per The Miller

  blogger jealousy is ugly (I must resist)There is an amazing post on The Miller’s blog last Friday that is a departure from his usual fare in two ways: it is an anonymous contribution; and it is a very, very

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door or dollars? cost v. benefits for attended lobby

a reader writesI have had an off-line email dialogue with a condo board member about the pros and cons of having an attended lobby in a Manhattan loft building downtown, in her case, part-time. On the one hand, some owners "just

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