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my Master List of downtown Manhattan loft sales has changed, just a bit

it’s still hard to track The Market, especially in a niche like downtown lofts Time for an update about my efforts to follow the downtown Manhattan loft market by tracking weekly (ahem, often weekly) newly filed deeds; more precisely, about how

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the fact that I hate spiral stairs did not matter to Noho penthouse loft buyer at 10 Bleecker Street at $2.9mm

crown jewels of Manhattan lofts can be expensive I admit it: one of the things I am most loft-snobby about is a spiral stair. To me, nothing else says cramped or cheap quite as well as a spiral stair. For

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whatever an “ungentrified” Manhattan loft is, one at 33 Bleecker Street just got $1,/317ft

breaking barriers in broker babbling about Manhattan lofts since … There’s nothing wrong with calling a Manhattan loft “ungentrified”; it’s just a tad obscure. Does it mean the hipsters haven’t moved in yet? (Probably not.) Does it want to imply

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a question of views for gut renovated 29 Howard Street loft at $1,383/ft

why cut off views over Crosby Street?The “2,061 sq ft” Manhattan loft on the 4th floor at 29 Howard Street was recently renovated with high-end finishes, and then sold. Since it got the full ask (February 14, $2.85mm) it would

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back story on celebrity Noho loft purchase at 10 Bleecker Street is about the sellers

numbers v. namesThe big story in this report in The Observer last week about the sale of the “2,500 sq ft” Manhattan loft #3A at 10 Bleecker Street (aka “#3F”) for the full-ask $3.25mm was the identity of the celebrity

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tough times in mini-loft market? or just at 21 East 22 Street & 77 Bleecker Street

eerie parallelsOne of the fun things about the (typically) weekly updates I do to the Master List of Manhattan Lofts Sold Since November 2008 is the opportunity to notice coincidences, and (sometimes) the beginning of trends. This pair of Manhattan

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renovation sells at 27 Bleecker Street loft

keeping up with the JonesesThe Manhattan loft #5B at 27 Bleecker Street just sold for $625,000 more than the same loft sold for in May 2007.  Obviously, The Market liked the renovation done between the two sales, even if the

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10 Bleecker Street loft takes forever to sell after meticulous renovation

well, technically, not “forever”The Manhattan loft #1A at 10 Bleecker Street sold on March 10 for $1.375mm after having been on and off the market (much more ‘on’ than ‘off’) since The Peak of the Manhattan residential real estate market.

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perfectly terrible storm hit sale of 77 Bleecker Street loft

opera fan or stage fan?Sometimes there is human drama in a dry set of Manhattan real estate purchase-and-sale data. It is difficult for me to look at a two-and-a-half year sequence culminating in the recent sale of the Manhattan loft

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10 Bleecker remarkable space holds value remarkably well

as B goes, so goes AYou might look at the successful 9 day marketing campaign (NINE DAYS!) a year ago of the Manhattan loft  #7B at 10 Bleecker Street as a marvel of timing, in the sense of how marvelous

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