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true artists’ loft goes under $1,000/ft in Soho, not the $1,250/ft they wanted

an artist’s life in a Soho loft, from back in the day The listing photos and description for the recently sold “4,000 sq ft” Manhattan loft #3WR at 140 Grand Street are a form of time machine. Back to the

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unsold at $3mm in 2011, 110 West 25 Street loft goes to war to sell at $3.45mm

times have changed, got it?Next time someone asks you precisely how The Market has changed, tell them that the hyper-local market at 110 West 25 Street is up more than 15% since 2011, and probably a similar premium over 2012.

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huge 40 West 22 Street loft sells at $916/ft as canvas, actors' theater

  not a mix of metaphors In babbling that the “4,150 sq ft” Manhattan loft on the 5th floor at 40 West 22 Street as “your canvas awaits” the agent committed metaphor; in saying that the loft “is currently designed

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walking up is hard to do: primitive loft at 37 Walker Street sells with 4 flights of stairs down 5% since 2006, sorta

how many stairs in the listing?I am going to try very hard not to snark (too much) about the broker babble that supported the recent sale of the sizzling pad (oops) “2,191 sq ft” Manhattan loft on the top two

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ballyhooed artist loft with unique floor plan + top kitchen sells for $962/ft at 307 West Broadway

famous in New York Times, and Manhattan Loft GuyTalk about using the Real Estate Industrial Complex, Manhattan Media Division to your benefit! I have to wonder if there is any connection between the fact that the “3,300 sq ft” Manhattan

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tough times in mini-loft market? or just at 21 East 22 Street & 77 Bleecker Street

eerie parallelsOne of the fun things about the (typically) weekly updates I do to the Master List of Manhattan Lofts Sold Since November 2008 is the opportunity to notice coincidences, and (sometimes) the beginning of trends. This pair of Manhattan

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big space, small price for 142 West 26 Street

but there’s an alibiThere is a reason why the “3,870 sq ft” Manhattan loft on the 7th floor at 142 West 26 Street sold on September 19 at only $722/ft ($2.475mm) despite having a “chef’s kitchen … with Liebherr, Viking

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710 Broadway loft sells at $1,000/mo premium over 2005 sale, almost

not a typical metricOne way to look at the March 1 sale of the full floor Manhattan loft on the 5th floor at 710 Broadway is that the clearing price of $2.035mm is a record for the building, exceeding even

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efficient use of space, to nth degree

not a loft, not in Manhattan, but…This is one of the most amazing videos I have seen about using a small space. No matter how much space you have, at some point you probably wonder if your space can be

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