Month: March 2011

FYAToMLG / how ephemeral is the fashion of lofts in Manhattan?

early stuff, still good!Today is the day to take that occasional OYAToMLG series into the way-back machine. I probably came across this post when I was playing in the deep Manhattan Loft Guy archives last week, and I like it.

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ignore this loft “sale” at 114 Mercer Street

no length between the armsOne of the risks in looking at closed transactions in Manhattan loft buildings is that things are sometimes not what they seem. Or, that they are exactly what they seem if you look a little closer.

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OYAToMLG / two million dollar Manhattan loft views edition

One Year Ago Today on Manhattan Loft Guy, more views, much moneyAbout a Madison Square view that really really really seems to have been provably worth a great deal of money: a $2 million view on Madison Square? comping at

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cake, candles & balloons, as Manhattan Loft Guy is 5 today

personally, I will have a beer (or 2) (later)I can’t be the only one parent who has consistently been surprised when a child reaches another birthday, which was as true for me with a 28-year-old as it was when I

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under $800/ft for brand new Lifesaver lofts at 120 Eleventh Avenue

it is all about the viewsI am going to try to avoid the candy and swimming puns here (especially the drowning puns here, please), let’s see how this attempt to talk business about the last two sales of Manhattan new

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242 Lafayette Street loft mixes metaphors, sells off 3% since 2005

it’s not so much that second-guessing is fun… as it is that you can’t help yourself. I offer the Manhattan loft #3N at 242 Lafayette Street for your consideration. To mix metaphors here, this loft’s price history feels like watching

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can a condo board remove a member??

discrimination article, revisitedChristine Haughney’s March 7 Appraisal feature in the New York Times (East Side, West Side, Bias Claims Abound) made a big splash in the inter-tubes, with many comments about the merits (or lack thereof) in the claims by

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542 LaGuardia Place loft zooms through market, with a very expensive roof deck

hard to beat this calendarJanuary 11 = new to market at $2.35mmJanuary 21 = contractFebruary 28 = sold for $2,461,100 You will be excused if you missed it, but that is the Manhattan loft #5B at 542 LaGuardia Place. Ten

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Manhattan loft porn at 16 Jay Street / you know you want it

Apartment Therapy was my enabler, this timeI put the link about a beautifully done loft at 16 Jay Street (below) aside when it was featured on the Curbed March 9 Linkage (in good company!), intending to drool publicly about it

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the perils of real estate porn, in Brooklyn about houses or even in Manhattan about lofts

NY Times reader frustrated with (lack of) context for neighborhood change (‘improvement’)There is a fascinating letter to the editor in Thursday’s Home & Garden section of the New York Times, responding to a Location feature in the prior week’s H&G

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