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152 Wooster Street loft shows that character matters, competition drives premium

  War Week resumes Some stories never get old, so here’s another one from the Bidding War Files. The cool things about the “1,360 sq ft” Manhattan loft #2C at 152 Wooster Street that just sold 12% above the asking

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West 28 Street development site in the news (again)

some stories write themselvesOf course I started thinking about the past Manhattan Loft Guy series about how developing neighborhoods (such as the typical Manhattan loft neighborhoods) develop, that is to say, change, when I saw this piece in the Commercial

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OYAToMLG downtown artist loses views of her muse, is sad but not angry

  grace, personified A quick (last!) one from New Orleans, kinda sorta like a diversion, but certainly Manhattan real estate related. One Year Ago Today on Manhattan Loft Guy I posted about an artist featured in a New York Times

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50 West 29 Street loft sells with challenging layout, challenged windows

but lots of energyUnder what circumstances might it be a good deal for a Manhattan loft seller to sell 24% lower than a similar loft that sold just 6 months earlier, when that similar loft was on a lower floor

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more views at risk, as another 315 West 36 Street neighbor sells

“put your hands up, we’ve got you surrounded”If buildings could talk, that’s what the 2-story garage across 36th Street from the residential Manhattan loft building at 315 West 36 Street might say to its residential neighbor. Word comes today that

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loft with artist's personality sells at $1,174/ft at 149 Franklin Street

customized space, customizableThe Manhattan loft #5S at 149 Franklin Street that just sold has a very idiosyncratic character and a fascinating (odd) floor plan. No one who has seen it was surprised to see that it was the long-time live

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speedy 155 Franklin Street loft sale shows neighbor's frostbite in 2009

a (changing) market in microcosmThe deed recording the August 22 sale of the “2,438 sq ft” Manhattan loft #2S at 155 Franklin Street was not filed until Wednesday, so this qualifies as late-breaking news in our world: keeping up with

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542 LaGuardia Place sale from February is news to New York Times readers

putting the lame in the LSMWe’ve been here before: I still assume there are people who still spend some quality weekend time poring over the Sunday New York Times real estate feature Residential Sales Around The Region to see what’s

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about the views from that LaGuardia Place loft that zoomed through the market…

watch out for the Purple People EatersI commented on the open eastern views when I hit the Manhattan loft at 542 LaGuardia Place that took 10 days to fins a contract and 7 weeks to close (March 15, 542 LaGuardia

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the perils of real estate porn, in Brooklyn about houses or even in Manhattan about lofts

NY Times reader frustrated with (lack of) context for neighborhood change (‘improvement’)There is a fascinating letter to the editor in Thursday’s Home & Garden section of the New York Times, responding to a Location feature in the prior week’s H&G

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