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a tricky $1,220/ft for a most lovely gut job of 451 Broome Street loft that took 50 weeks + 3 contracts to sell

a pretty short year This is the kind of history that is so infuriatingly rich that it is a shame not to know the whole story. The “2,400 sq ft” Manhattan loft #7E at 451 Broadway came to market a

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some diverting loft porn to stimulate your new year

too many Manhattan lofts, with too many photos (!)I don’t have anything to say about the specific lofts you can view there, as the Location Department website is a business site for film and ad location scouts; for viewers like

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psst! wanna see a picture of The Trough? look at 477 Broome Street loft sold in 2009 and 2012

(and 2005)The most casual fans of the overall Manhattan residential real estate market understand the cycles of Froth-into-Peak-into-Freeze-into-Thaw; the rabid can probably draw a graph by hand. If a picture is worth a thousand words, how many words is one

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double bold-faced loft sale at 354 Broome Street: a harbinger or just a Bright Shiny Object?

getting tired of the Jedi mind trickThe recent sale of the Manhattan loft #3H at 354 Broome Street was a Bright Shiny Object for Jessica Gould Keil in the New York Post last week, in part because she was able

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motivated seller sells classic Soho walk-up loft barely above 2005 at 477 Broome Street

the proof is in the askThe seller of the very well-dressed but also well-staired “982 sq ft”* Manhattan (mini) loft #34 at 477 Broome Street proved she was motivated by asking for a modest premium over the price she paid

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did neighbor overpay for 381 Broome Street mini-loft due to light, or was it extortion?

Manhattan Loft Guy worries, so you don’t have toThe “653 sq ft” (very) mini-loft #6F at 381 Broome Street just sold for $850,000 in a private sale, yet the last resale in the building was #2F (with the identical floor

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under $900/ft for a loft at the other (first) Ice House, 354 Broome Street UPDATED

are developers like thieves?Yes! (But not in the sense you probably mean.) Having talked yesterday about the ++ pricing at 27 N. Moore Street (the Ice House) (October 24, turn of the century Tribeca at $1,600/ft, again at 27 N.

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mystery loft sale at 39 Crosby Street leads to burning silk hats + pianos

serendipitous unsuccessful searchTomorrow’s news today! The New York Times Sunday real estate feature, Residential Sales Around the Region, has a mysterious loft sale that caught my eye even though it is a little out of my usual price range (the

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why did 107 West 25 Street loft take so long to sell?

so close to original ask, above last askI got on the horse yesterday about the form of Market Curios that take a long time to sell at not such a different price at which they had long been available (424

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424 Broome Street loft takes 15 months to sell at 9% discount; why so long?

in which I simply just gaze in wonderAvid consumer of Manhattan loft closing data that I am (the Master List of Manhattan Lofts Sold Since November 2008 now has almost 2,000 transactions), sometimes I don’t know what it is about

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