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sometimes a stair is just a stair, but in some Manhattan duplex lofts ….

you want it straight, bent, or rounded? For some folks, the need to get from Down to Up in a Manhattan duplex loft is a bug, for others it’s a feature. A stair shrinks a space (eats into the floor

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stunning Tribeca loft with great light sells for $1,037/ft but it’s on Chambers Street, and 4 flights up

more exploration of the bottom layers of the downtown Manhattan loft market I’ve been hitting a bunch of (relatively) low-priced downtown Manhattan lofts lately (for the two of you who have forgotten how to scroll up: December 10, NoLIta neighbor buys neighbor’s

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ancient floor plan drives 43 Murray Street loft down to $864/ft

  stairs don’t help Whenever I see a floor plan like that of the “1,400 sq ft” Manhattan loft #3A at 43 Murray Street on a bar block in southeast Tribeca, I assume the place has been lived in for

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42 White Street penthouse loft sells with 1 bedroom, 5 outdoor spaces at $2,786/ft (before adjustment)

living large (and alone) for $4.65mmI can read the broker babble (“2 bed”) as well as the next guy, but the floor plan and pictures associated with the “1,669 sq ft” Manhattan loft #6 at 42 White Street make it

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1 Worth Street loft sells after renovation / how building values change

every picture fails to tell a storyI hope it is not just that I am cranky today, what with the chilly rain not (yet) (really) melting the snow, but I am feeling a disturbing disconnect between the photos and listing

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walking up is hard to do: primitive loft at 37 Walker Street sells with 4 flights of stairs down 5% since 2006, sorta

how many stairs in the listing?I am going to try very hard not to snark (too much) about the broker babble that supported the recent sale of the sizzling pad (oops) “2,191 sq ft” Manhattan loft on the top two

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another small loft on so many levels sells high at 130 Barrow Street

how does it measure up?The folks who just bought the “763 sq ft” Manhattan (mini) loft #404 at 130 Barrow Street must be fans of steps. On a small foot print, you get a choice as you enter to take

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higher floor, higher price: artist loft at 81 Grand Street sells high, 4 flights up

new kitchen, thoughIt is hard to tell from the broker babble exactly how much renovation would be needed, given the condition of the “classic” Manhattan loft that just sold on the 5th floor at 81 Grand Street. New kitchen aside,

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motivated seller sells classic Soho walk-up loft barely above 2005 at 477 Broome Street

the proof is in the askThe seller of the very well-dressed but also well-staired “982 sq ft”* Manhattan (mini) loft #34 at 477 Broome Street proved she was motivated by asking for a modest premium over the price she paid

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tiny loft sells at ask ($1,104/ft) at 217 West 14 Street

steps did not hurt (even down)Having climbed up the stairs to get to the Manhattan min-loft #2F at  217 West 14 Street, you might be surprised to then climb down another 5 steps once you enter the loft. At only

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