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huge 205 West 19 Street loft sells at $200,000/window, but why?

how much per book, I wonderBy any measure, the marketing campaign for the “3,500 sq ft” Manhattan loft #10F at 205 West 19 Street was a success. A full price contract in 4 weeks at $1,143/ft ($4mm) is the main

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240 West 23 Street penthouse loft sales illustrates trough, with a bonus anomaly

(not that you need another illustration)Regular readers of Manhattan Loft Guy don’t really need to be reminded that the overall Manhattan residential real estate market has seen a cycle of Froth + Peak + Trough + Thaw (+ Rebound) since

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double bold-faced loft sale at 354 Broome Street: a harbinger or just a Bright Shiny Object?

getting tired of the Jedi mind trickThe recent sale of the Manhattan loft #3H at 354 Broome Street was a Bright Shiny Object for Jessica Gould Keil in the New York Post last week, in part because she was able

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buying (+ overpaying) next door at 121 West 19 Street loft (Lion's Head, revisited)

talk about e-x-t-o-r-t-i-o-n!Let’s say you wanted to sell your Manhattan loft for $1.3mm but The Market offered no takers when you offered it publicly from February into July 2010. So you take it off the market, tail between your legs.

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