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another irrational sales sequence, as 250 Mercer Street mini-loft sells up over 2011 …

  … down under 2007, with a (cruel) twistIt is a truism that individual sales don’t have to makes sense, even in the rational market of lore and legend. Nor do sequences of sales of individual Manhattan lofts, as like

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hyper-local market for 18 East 12 Street mini-lofts is up 14% YoY

a head scratcher’s specialIt is an understatement to say that The Market loves the “970 sq ft” Manhattan loft #2A at 18 East 12 Street. In 2011 it took 25 days to find a contract and only 40 days to

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250 West 27 Street loft sells as opportunity to live the dream (of someone else)

designed within an inch of its lifeThe Manhattan loft #3J at 250 West 27 Street was a mini-loft with a very specific mission during its recently completed marketing campaign: find the right buyer who would appreciate the very refined and

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motivated seller sells classic Soho walk-up loft barely above 2005 at 477 Broome Street

the proof is in the askThe seller of the very well-dressed but also well-staired “982 sq ft”* Manhattan (mini) loft #34 at 477 Broome Street proved she was motivated by asking for a modest premium over the price she paid

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Cast Iron loft at 67 East 11 Street sells off 7%

not all lofts flat since 2007, of course, of courseOne of my favorite and most interesting trend lines for the downtown loft niche in the overall Manhattan residential real estate market is this running count of lofts that sold in

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tiny loft sells at ask ($1,104/ft) at 217 West 14 Street

steps did not hurt (even down)Having climbed up the stairs to get to the Manhattan min-loft #2F at  217 West 14 Street, you might be surprised to then climb down another 5 steps once you enter the loft. At only

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tough times in mini-loft market? or just at 21 East 22 Street & 77 Bleecker Street

eerie parallelsOne of the fun things about the (typically) weekly updates I do to the Master List of Manhattan Lofts Sold Since November 2008 is the opportunity to notice coincidences, and (sometimes) the beginning of trends. This pair of Manhattan

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little loft, big price for 720 Greenwich Street loft

a Pinched Long-and-Narrow??I am not going to say that the footprint to the “740 sq ft” mini loft #4C at 720 Greenwich Street is the strangest for a Manhattan loft, because I am still young and there are so many

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John Deco loft resells off 11% since 2008, 7% off sponsor's comp

competition is hard(No, it’s not one of a comping-is-hard sequence, if you are a careful reader.) The “837 sq ft” Manhattan (mini-) loft #815 at 99 John Street might not have been the first resale at the John Deco Lofts

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184 Franklin Street walk-up loft shows market down at least 17% from The Peak

it is nice when the data points behave themselvesThe Manhattan loft 184 Franklin Street #6 that sold on November 22 for $542,000 is one of those rare commodities: a Tribeca mini-loft. It interests me as a data point because it

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