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double bold-faced loft sale at 354 Broome Street: a harbinger or just a Bright Shiny Object?

getting tired of the Jedi mind trickThe recent sale of the Manhattan loft #3H at 354 Broome Street was a Bright Shiny Object for Jessica Gould Keil in the New York Post last week, in part because she was able

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NY Post “Just Sold” loft at 7 Worth Street was a Manhattan Loft Guy hit on December 21

anybody read The Post?Yesterday’s typical “Just sold!” Thursday feature in the Real Estate section of the New York Post (a feature with this promising sub-head: “The latest info about recent sales — in your back yard and beyond”) included a

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why would bully developer sucker punch a fact-based blogger about Chelsea rowhouse renovation?

no punches thrown in a while; is the bully tired? or satisfied?I saw this kerfluffle reported on Curbed way back in August, but I was on vacation in California then and the story looked to be still developing. Since then

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