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NoLIta neighbor buys neighbor’s modest loft at 225 Lafayette Street at a modest price

yes, Virginia, we live in a Manhattan loft world in which $1,789/ft is modest Last week we saw that a Tribeca penthouse loft owner with a lot of space was able to persuade his next-door penthouse loft neighbor who also had

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1 Worth Street loft neighbor bails out neighbor, at a (likely) discount

    not an act of charity Hold on to your hats: this will be a bit of a bouncy ride. As I will explain, it is hard to blame StreetEasy too much for the sheer irrationality of the apparent

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extortion or neighborly consideration 505 Greenwich Street loft? you decide

some prices just jump out at youYou won’t find a listing associated with the deed recently filed on the May 13 sale of the “979 sq ft” Manhattan loft #12C at 505 Greenwich Street because it was a private transaction.

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love the neighbor on neighbor action, as expensive 55 Hudson Street loft wall should come down soon

little other action in this building since 2008The folks who just bought the “1,000 sq ft” Manhattan loft #7C at 55 Hudson Street for $1.5mm live next door in #7D, which is why I expect the wall between these two

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neighbor bails out neighbor at 52 West 22 Street in first resale at Paper Factory lofts

a good deed, rewardedIt has been a while since I looked at the neighbor-on-neighbor action involved when kinda one wants to sell and another sorta wants to buy. In today’s episode, the owner of the “1,048 sq ft” Manhattan loft

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8 Warren Street loft buyer completes 2nd floor set at record prices

2011 at $1,302/ft, 2012 at $1,395/ft, with (probably) no change in market conditionsThere is a very simple reason the “1,932 sq ft” Manhattan loft #2E at 8 Warren Street (Trinity Stewart Condominium) sold quickly at the full asking price, and

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did neighbor overpay for 381 Broome Street mini-loft due to light, or was it extortion?

Manhattan Loft Guy worries, so you don’t have toThe “653 sq ft” (very) mini-loft #6F at 381 Broome Street just sold for $850,000 in a private sale, yet the last resale in the building was #2F (with the identical floor

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dog bites man + 90 Franklin Street loft sells off only 6% since 2007

weren’t we just here?If it seems like only yesterday that Manhattan Loft Guy was at the 2000 Tribeca condo loft conversion Franklin Tower, 90 Franklin Street, you need to slow down. It was actually way back on June 24 that

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did the unique buyer get played in 90 Franklin Street loft sale?

unless it was the drop dead viewsWhen the “1,895 sq ft” Manhattan loft #10N at 90 Franklin Street came to market on September 13 for $2.6mm that asking price of $1,372/ft could have been considered rather … errr … aggressive,

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49 East 21 Street unique buyer overpays for unique loft

but not by a ridiculous amountSeems as though it was just yesterday that we were in the Manhattan loft building 49 East 21 Street; it was: 49 East 21 Street loft shows the benefits (and PAIN) of timing. in looking

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