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ridiculous patience rewarded with sale of 263 Ninth Avenue loft at small discount

offered in October, contract in OctoberYou know that bit of Conventional Wisdom about how a listing that stays on the market for months without a price drop, it is at the wrong price and will need a price drop to

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another pictorial diversion is probably bigger than you can imagine

a Manhattan Loft Guy diverting trend continuesThis makes the fourth pictorial diversion in the new year on this blog. I started the year with a collection of very many very diverting photos of Manhattan lofts (January 1, some diverting loft

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some diverting loft porn to stimulate your new year

too many Manhattan lofts, with too many photos (!)I don’t have anything to say about the specific lofts you can view there, as the Location Department website is a business site for film and ad location scouts; for viewers like

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720 Greenwich Street loft illustrates my ballpark Peak-to-Now

this is what “about 10%” looks likeYou don’t have to be a regular reader of Manhattan Loft Guy to know that The Peak prices in the overall Manhattan residential real estate market were recorded in the First Quarter of 2008,

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