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setting a record in NoLIta, as 354 Broome Street loft with single window barely breaks $/ft record

Manhattan loft volume comes at a price at the (other) Ice House When we were last at 354 Broome Street, it was to note the setting of a new building record (on a price per foot basis), in my July

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scary sale of small loft at 19 Hubert Street

where the rubber meets the road, buyers can get hurtThe recent sale of the “1,100 sq ft” Manhattan loft on the 4th floor of 19 Hubert Street is the canary in the coal mine only for Tribeca small loft buyers

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psst! wanna see a picture of The Trough? look at 477 Broome Street loft sold in 2009 and 2012

(and 2005)The most casual fans of the overall Manhattan residential real estate market understand the cycles of Froth-into-Peak-into-Freeze-into-Thaw; the rabid can probably draw a graph by hand. If a picture is worth a thousand words, how many words is one

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price discovery proves to be a female dog for authentic Soho loft at 66 Grand Street

history is longer than it looks on The Master ListBecause I use an arbitrary cut-off of 90+ days off market to re-set the Days on Market calculation on the Master List of Manhattan Lofts Sold Since November 2008, the recently

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under $900/ft for a loft at the other (first) Ice House, 354 Broome Street UPDATED

are developers like thieves?Yes! (But not in the sense you probably mean.) Having talked yesterday about the ++ pricing at 27 N. Moore Street (the Ice House) (October 24, turn of the century Tribeca at $1,600/ft, again at 27 N.

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victim of 2009 chill, 395 Broadway loft sells quickly at premium

timing = everything. price tooI am not sure there was anything the sellers of the Manhattan loft #10C at 395 Broadway could have done to get a sale back in the day, but I am sure the sellers did what

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small Chelsea Merc loft dresses up + trades up 14% since 2007

bang for the buck?Sometimes just a little bit of “renovation” juices the market. The Manhattan loft #3M at 252 Seventh Avenue is one of those generally less-favored lofts in the iconic Chelsea Mercantile, being on a low floor and having

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