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lofts sell by the foot, not by bedrooms, as at 53 N. Moore Street in Tribeca

a serendipitous pair of closings at The North Moore line right up with Theory I’ve had this conversation so many times, about how room count (specifically, bedroom count) is the key to the size (and value) of Manhattan “apartments”, while

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setting a record in NoLIta, as 354 Broome Street loft with single window barely breaks $/ft record

Manhattan loft volume comes at a price at the (other) Ice House When we were last at 354 Broome Street, it was to note the setting of a new building record (on a price per foot basis), in my July

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whatever an “ungentrified” Manhattan loft is, one at 33 Bleecker Street just got $1,/317ft

breaking barriers in broker babbling about Manhattan lofts since … There’s nothing wrong with calling a Manhattan loft “ungentrified”; it’s just a tad obscure. Does it mean the hipsters haven’t moved in yet? (Probably not.) Does it want to imply

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Beach Street loft neighbor expands, takes out neighbor at fair price

  once more into the breach … er … beach The recent private sale of the “1,722 sq ft” Manhattan loft #6C at 62 Beach Street in the Fischer Mills Building for $3.05mm ($1,771/ft) fascinates me. I always wonder how

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psst! wanna see a picture of The Trough? look at 477 Broome Street loft sold in 2009 and 2012

(and 2005)The most casual fans of the overall Manhattan residential real estate market understand the cycles of Froth-into-Peak-into-Freeze-into-Thaw; the rabid can probably draw a graph by hand. If a picture is worth a thousand words, how many words is one

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53 N. Moore street loft sells up 17% over 2005, only 4% above unsuccessful 2011 price

ready for a quiz?If it seems like only yesterday that I hit a sale at the North Moore, you need to slow down. It’s been almost a week since my October 4, massive combined loft sells $65,000 above ask at

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165 Hudson Street loft celebrates birthday with a sale

a happy closing more than a happy birthdayWhen the Manhattan loft #2B at 165 Hudson Street closed on January 20 for $995,000 it had just ‘celebrated’ one of those awkward anniversaries for a residential sale listing, in Manhattan or anywhere:

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when you reach the right price … 105 Fifth Avenue closes

small discount, right priceThe Manhattan loft #7A at 105 Fifth Avenue closed on July 22 at $1.125mm, only a 4% discount from the (last) asking price of $1.175mm, proving that if you drop the asking price enough you don’t have

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