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were feet in larger loft at 105 East 16 Street worth more than in smaller loft?

Conventional Wisdom about Manhattan residential real estate is right, often I don’t know if the equation “1 + 1 = 2.5” is original to The Miller, but he is my source for it. What he means is that in the

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49 East 21 Street loft beats near-Peak value, breaks building record

was it the upgraded counter, Mars?Sometimes the key to a very enthusiastic bit of broker babble is what is not there. In the case of the “1,375 sq ft” Manhattan loft #9A at 49 East 21 Street that just sold

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from the Department of Odd (But Round) Numbers: 3 lofts sell in July $5,000 above ask

small samples can be fun, if limitedAnyone who has checked out my Master List of Manhattan Lofts Sold Since November 2008 at all recently is aware that I have let it get woefully out of date. But I am working

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73 Worth Street loft takes a long time to sell above ask

from the annals of (slightly) weirdMost sales that generate a deal above the asking price happen quickly, right? Everyone knows that bit of Conventional Wisdom. Except for the sellers and buyer of the “2,233 sq ft” Manhattan loft #3F at

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did neighbor overpay for 381 Broome Street mini-loft due to light, or was it extortion?

Manhattan Loft Guy worries, so you don’t have toThe “653 sq ft” (very) mini-loft #6F at 381 Broome Street just sold for $850,000 in a private sale, yet the last resale in the building was #2F (with the identical floor

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privileged Chelsea Mercantile loft clears near $1,700/ft at 252 Seventh Avenue

was it the iconic views?If there is a data geek out there looking for a laboratory to explore the value of views, one could do worse than start at the Chelsea Mercantile at 252 Seventh Avenue. The Merc is an

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111 Fourth Avenue combination loft closes after 19 months at 30% off original ask

can you see a premium for a combined space?It should not be a surprise if the sellers of the Manhattan loft combination #2HIJ at 111 Fourth Avenue expected to be paid a premium for having put together 3 small lofts

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secrets of the Master List: 16 Manhattan lofts that HIT The Market

colors on the spreadsheetOne recurring topic of my frequent notes to self is to use the aggregate data about Manhattan loft transactions that I collect in the Master List of Manhattan Lofts Sold Since November 2008 (N.B., lofts downtown that

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dog bites man + 90 Franklin Street loft sells off only 6% since 2007

weren’t we just here?If it seems like only yesterday that Manhattan Loft Guy was at the 2000 Tribeca condo loft conversion Franklin Tower, 90 Franklin Street, you need to slow down. It was actually way back on June 24 that

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did the unique buyer get played in 90 Franklin Street loft sale?

unless it was the drop dead viewsWhen the “1,895 sq ft” Manhattan loft #10N at 90 Franklin Street came to market on September 13 for $2.6mm that asking price of $1,372/ft could have been considered rather … errr … aggressive,

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